Eat Anything And Lose Weight: What Is The Secret Of Chrono Diet?

What is Chrono diet?

The basic idea behind this nutrition plan is that it’s not just about what we eat but what’s more important is WHEN we eat. It was first designed by the French doctor Alain Delabosa in 1986 and has since been altered and changed in different countries around the globe.

The Chrono diet will enable you to learn the basic principle of healthy nutrition, the right choice and combination of foods in a short time and without much effort. The best thing about this plan is that it can be used in almost any occasion, at school, work or home, while on vacation or a business trip. It doesn’t entail counting calories, measuring portions and food quantities, there are no pre-determined food lists or recipes but its basic idea is to teach everyone how to adopt a healthy nutrition plan which will allow them to live a long and healthy life.

These are the three basic principles of the Chrono diet:

Creating an alkaline environment in your organism – because acidity can lead to chronic inflammatory or degenerative diseases (cancers, stroke, diabetes etc.)

Eating at the right time – Three main courses are mandatory (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with a time gap of 4-6 hours in-between when you’re not allowed to eat anything. You can drink water and herbal teas (not fruity).

Glycemic index – This is the speed in which certain food increases the blood sugar levels, or introducing more slow sugars, or complex carbs in your diet.

Its best feature may very well be the fact that it can be adopted by the entire family and it’s a good way to teach children from a very young age to lead a healthy and active life.

It’s also very beneficial for those suffering from high cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels. They can normalize their values within 10-30 days.

The program has certain rules that need to be followed but has minimal restrictions which aren’t difficult to adopt. The best thing about this Chrono diet is that it doesn’t have the so called “yo-yo” effect, the pounds don’t come back while the metabolic problems are resolved for good.

How long do you need to be on the Chrono diet plan and which food products are included?

The first phase of the program is a restrictive regime that lasts for 28 days. During this period you shouldn’t eat fast (simple) sugars in the form of sweets, fruit, white/brown sugar, artificial sweeteners, as well as alcoholic beverages with a high percentage of alcohol. After the initial 28 days certain products are gradually introduced into your diet.

If a certain patient shows some kind of food intolerance, within a period of 36 months he needs to detox his organism from that food and afterwards he can start introducing it into the diet gradually. The change in certain bad habits and accepting this healthier way of life should be implemented and adopted for the rest of your life and that is the basic principle of Chrono diet.

Expected results

This program has shown amazing results in obese and overweight people, people suffering from diabetes and those who have elevated cholesterol levels. You can notice the first results in a very short time and an improvement in all the physiological parameters can be seen within the first week. If you’re on some kind of blood sugar regulating drugs or cholesterol-lowering medications you need to consult your doctor before making any radical diet changes.

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