Baby shampoo isn’t just for babies. Here are 10 surprising uses

Baby shampoo is a very versatile product, and because it is so mild it can be used for a number of purposes that ordinary soaps are too harsh for. Livestrong explains that most adult shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate, but baby shampoo contains amphoteric surfectants which are a far less harsh cleaning agent. This means that baby shampoo won’t dry out your hair or your skin, and is safe for a whole range of uses.

When you consider how easily accessible and relatively inexpensive baby shampoo is, it makes sense that you should keep a bottle in your bathroom! You can read about ten great ways to use baby shampoo below.

Treat your feet.

Before you go to bed, lather a small amount of baby shampoo on your feet and legs, and then put on a pair of leggings and socks to sleep in. According to Popsugar you’ll wake up with soft, fresh-smelling skin!

Make your leather shine.

This goes for your purse, your shoes, or even your couch: dab a small amount of baby shampoo on a clean, soft cloth and gently buff the leather. Huffington Post explains that baby shampoo contains both mild cleansers and moisturisers, so they’re a great, gentle way to treat your leather items.

Clean your makeup brushes. 

Popsugar recommends mixing just a drop of baby shampoo with a bit of water and massaging it into your brush bristles. Rinse thoroughly, and voila! Clean, hygienic make-up brushes.

And clean your face. 

If it can get make-up off your brushes, of course it works equally well on your face! Its gentle formula won’t sting your eyes so it’s perfect for removing eye makeup. Just pop a cotton pad or cloth under a little warm water and add a drop of baby shampoo, then gently wipe away your makeup.

Shampoo your pets. 

They may not exactly be your babies, but we certainly like to look after them… Many dogs have sensitive skin and they react badly to shampoo. Instead of splashing out on expensive animal shampoo from the vet, Huffington Post recommends trying baby shampoo first. It’s tear-free and gentle on the skin.

Remove bandaids painlessly. 

Forget the pain of the cut – sometimes ripping the bandaid off is the worst part! Champagne Livingrecommends gently rubbing a little baby shampoo on and around the bandage, allowing plenty of time for the shampoo to seep through. It will lubricate the sticky part of the bandaid allowing you to gently remove it without pain.

Wash your underwear.

Huffington Post advises that you should stay away from hard detergents when washing your delicates. Instead, add just a teaspoon of baby shampoo to a tub of water and give your clothes a swish through it, gently working out any stains.

Stand in for hand soap. 

It’s gentle on your hands, and according to Vitacost is actually tougher on grime than many regular hand washes!

Remove stains from upholstery. 

We’ve already talked about polishing the leather, but you can also spot-clean stains on your carpet or your furniture with baby shampoo. Try mixing it with a little warm water and gently working it into the stain. Leave for a few minutes and then remove with a clean, damp cloth.

Throw out your shaving cream.

We all love a smooth shave, but shaving cream is expensive and those aerosol cans are terrible for the planet! Instead, Popsugar recommends using simple baby shampoo. It’s mild enough for all your sensitive areas, so lather up and give it a go.

Whether you have children or not, it’s not a bad idea to keep a bit of baby shampoo under your bathroom counter! It’s inexpensive, and even if it’s not your first choice of product, it makes a great stand-in for many common adult bathroom products. What do you use baby shampoo for?

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