Younger looking fuller lips without injections or needles

Fresh, younger-looking, fuller lips without injections or needles. The Hyaluron Pen Lip Infusion is the best alternative to traditional lip augmentation procedures. It is non-invasive and uses a natural-occurring substance in your body, called Hyaluronic Acid, to create a plumper effect in your lip area. It is the simplest, most practical, and safest way to achieve healthy, voluminous lips today! The treatment can also be used to reduce signs of aging in the naso-labial lines and forehead.

Effect: Plump, shiny, and younger-looking lips

Recommended for:

  • Naturally thin lips
  • Lips that have thinned due to aging
  • Those who want to add volume and enhance the shape of their lips

How is Hyaluron Pen Lip Infusion Done?

The Hyaluron Pen is basically a “pressure pen” which generates pressure to deposit hyaluronic filler into the upper layers of the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is the most hydrating substance in the world, so it is very effective in reducing signs of aging. This is why it’s very effective in nourishing the lips and creating a fuller effect. Hyaluronic acid is already naturally being produced in the human body, so the treatment poses fewer risks of allergic reactions.

How Does it Feel While Receiving the Treatment?

The Hyaluron Pen infusion is purely non-invasive. Instead of needles, it uses pressure in order to supply your lips or other enhancement areas with the healthy Hyaluronic Acid. The most you will feel is a vibrating sensation that doesn’t reach inside your skin.

The Diameter of this flow is 0.17 mm, twice as small as the smallest insulin needle. This non-invasive procedure instantly rejuvenates the skin, reduces fine lines, and creates plump lips with no artificial fillers and no pain. Not only it is pain-free, but the results are instant and long-lasting. You can expect our results to last anywhere from 3-6

Preparing for Your Enhancement:

  • Expect to be at the studio for 1 hour. Some appointments can take shorter or longer, depending on individual circumstances.
  • Avoid getting invasive facial enhancements like Botox and lip tattooing at least 2 weeks prior to your enhancement.

Aftercare & Maintenance:

  • Your artist will provide you with a list of aftercare instructions and discuss your follow-up appointments.
  • Follow the cleaning method and schedule stated in the aftercare kit.
  • Touchups vary by client. However, perfecting touchups are generally recommended every 2 – 4 months. Some may require more frequent touchups than others.

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