Women who will give birth to a baby in the 30’s will live longer?!

The average age when women first become mothers throughout Europe and America is more and more often after 30 years of their lives.

And while fertility experts warn women that this trend of delaying pregnancy can leave them without children, there is a new study that goes in their favor.

Scientists at Coimbra University in Portugal brought good news for older mothers. They examined mothers across Europe and came to the conclusion that women who became mothers later in life are more likely to live longer than those who gave birth in the teens or in the 20’s. The study was published in Journal of Public Health.

Another study published in the magazine Menopause journal proved the same. For mothers who are 33 years of age or older, it is three times more likely to have certain DNA markers for longevity than mothers who are younger.

But none of the studies gave an explanation as to why elderly mothers live longer.

Women who conceive later in life are more educated and more realistic in their professional life, says Lord Winston, fertility expert, so they have the potential for longevity because they can afford a healthier lifestyle, he adds.

However, experts warn that the possibility of getting pregnant is dramatically higher in the 20’s, so there is a risk if you postpone pregnancy for later.

Originally posted 2017-08-28 12:20:45.

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