Women, What Happens if You Put Coffee on Your Hair!

In this article you will find out an amazing trick and exactly, what happens if you put coffee on your hair. If you have brown hair and its colour is faded, there is a simple and rapid trick through you can obtain again your hair colour and make it beautiful and shine.

All you need is only one ingredient, the tricks in very easy and everybody can apply it at home. Another benefits of this tricks is that is natural and very cheap. Let’s find out more information and the full procedure:

What Happens if You Put Coffee on Your Hair!

  • – All you need is coffee
  • – Prepare a normal coffee in a kettle
  • – Leave it to cool
  • – Wash your hair normally
  • – Pour the coffee on your hair and leave it to act 20 minutes
  • – After 20 minutes, in order to fix the colour better rinse your hair with water, or rinse it with water mixed with vinegar.

You will be very pleased by the results because your hair will have an uniformed colour, will be shiny and silky.

This procedure is less invasive because natural colorants do not damage the hair.

Originally posted 2019-05-01 22:40:35.

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