Why Is Everyone Talking About Use Garlic For Hair Growth?

Women very little know the garlic for hair growth as a critical ingredient for making homemade recipes for hair growth. It is mainly using as a seasoning in the preparation of food, but garlic is not only used for cooking but also favors the growth of hair naturally for its various properties.

Properties Of Garlic For Hair

  1. Garlic contains several essential substances like zinc, sulfur, and calcium that can help you to fight hair loss.
  2. It has antimicrobial properties, kills harmful bacteria on the scalp, is a common cause of hair loss.
  3.  Garlic also contains a substance called selenium, which enhances blood circulation to stimulate hair growth.
  4.  Garlic also helps to clean hair follicles, prevents clogging, and provides toughness for hair.
  5.  Garlic also helps you to treat dandruff.

Here How To Use Garlic For Hair Growth

1. Aloe Vera And Garlic For Hair Growth


  • Ten cloves of garlic
  • One aloe root
  • One tablespoon of honey
  • Four tea bags of chamomile
  • One egg yolk 3 cups of water
  • One glass container for mixing


  • Place the garlic in a little water for a while so that peeling is much easier.
  • Pour the peeled garlic into a grinder, process until you have a teaspoon of whole garlic. If you need a little more garlic, perform the same procedure above.
  • Ready a tablespoon of garlic pour it into a glass container before sterilized, add the tablespoon of honey and mix until you have a uniform cream.
  • Place the container in the refrigerator to continue preparing the other ingredients.
  • Boil three cups of water, when it is at the boiling point, reduce the heat and place the bags of chamomile until you have an infusion and store for your application.
  • Grab the aloe root, hold the green shell carefully to remove the gel and wash to remove the residue.
  • Take the cream from the refrigerator prepared with the garlic and honey, pour the yolk and the aloe vera gel. Integrate all the ingredients until you have a homogeneous mask.


  • Wash the hair two or three times with a shampoo based on fruit or herbal according to the dirty presented and rinse with plenty of water at an average temperature.
  • Remove excess water with the cloth compressing between the strands, avoiding squeezing the hair.
  • When the hair is a little wet, apply the preparation previously done from the root to the tips giving a gentle massage on the scalp.
  • Wrap the mane with a towel to keep warm. Let the preparation work for 30 minutes.
  • Over time wash your hair with the shampoo mentioned and rinse with chamomile tea before preparing.

2. Onion, Cinnamon, And Garlic For Hair 


  • Four cloves of garlic
  • 1/4 onion
  • 1/2 liter of water
  • Two teaspoons of cinnamon powder
  • One scent essence that you like
  • One spray


  • Place the water in a pot, when it is at the boiling point, add the onion, garlic, cinnamon, and essence.
  • Then turn off the flame so that they do not burn the properties of the ingredients, cover the preparation, let it cool and strain.
  • Pour the contents in a spray.


  • Apply the spray with the preparation previously made on the hair, leave on for 20 minutes, and wash with a mild shampoo.
  • It is recommended to make the garlic- based treatment for hair growth for at least five consecutive days.

3. Garlic Shampoo For Hair Growth


  • Ten purple and large garlic
  • One shampoo based on fruit extract or herbal
  • One tablespoon extra virgin olive oil


  • Take the purple garlic and place them in water so that when peeling is much easier.
  • Place the peeled garlic in a grinder to crush and turn into a paste.
  • Then, add a little water to make it a little softer and pour the extra virgin olive oil. When the oil is placed, the characteristic smell of garlic is eliminated.
  • Then mix the previously prepared paste with the shampoo. Pour into a bottle tightly and store it.


  • When you wash your hair, as usual, use the garlic-based shampoo, gently massage, leave for about 5 minutes before rinsing so that the garlic nutrients penetrate the follicle.
  • It is possible to find traces of garlic in your hair after using this shampoo.
  • Use a fine tooth comb to eradicate the particles present.

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