What Your Period Blood Consistency Says About Your Health

The period blood is not the same as the other blood in our body. It is normal to have questions about it although you are having your period for the most of your life.

The gynecologist Jennifer Ashton notes that the difference in the period blood is that it is not clotting like the other, because if it does that it won’t come out.

According to her, there are not a lot of researches about the viscosity of the period blood, so on the question how should that blood look her, her answer is “not thin like Kool-Aid and not thick like the ketchup, so somewhere in the middle”

However, that is not always happening, so here are some example of how the blood can appear:

Thick and clumpy

It has happened to every woman to see a clot of blood in the toilet bowl during her period. This is ok, but only if the clot is smaller than the size of a quarter. According to Ashton, if the clot is bigger that it is more important, because it is not normal for big staff to be coming out of there. That can be an indication for something with the hormones or uterine fibroids, which represent small and non-cancerous grows in the inside.

According to the researches around 70 percent of the women experience uterine fibroids until the age of 50, and although often they are not dangerous, they can cause pain and some problems with the pregnancy.

If you notice that your period is thinner and watery than normally, then go for a check-up because this can result from ovarian or fallopian tumor, says Ashton.

Slippery and mucus-y

Sometimes your period blood can be slicker than normally due to the cervical mucus that may mix with. Those mucus cells are located in the canal leading to the uterus, which is helping the sperm to get to the egg, or it can prevent the pregnancy if the mucus gets thicken. However, it is not dangerous if this happens to you.

No matter what, you know yourself the best, so if something seems strange, then go to your doctor without hesitation.

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