The Way You Hug your loved ones Can Tell You A Lot About Your Personality

We all have our own little quirky things that we do and this is amplified in a relationship – mainly because your other half points them out to you and then you get paranoid about the fact that you only sneeze in multiples of three. But apparently, the way that you hug your partner can reveal things that you didn’t know about your personality. Check out the points below to see how your actions match up and what they could mean.

1. Hand in pocket 

This kind of hug suggests that you might be a little worried about their faithfulness if your hand is always in your partner’s pocket. (But you probably just like feeling your other half’s bum.)

2. Face to face 

They say that your eyes are windows to your soul. So if you and your partner are constantly lost in each other’s gaze in this kind of embrace, it suggests that you’re deeply connected.

3. Arm around the shoulder 

This hug shows that not only is your significant other your romantic partner, they are your best friend too. Typical hand handing just doesn’t cut it anymore as you want to show how unbreakable you guys are.

4. Pat on the back 

This is a supportive but less romantic hug. It might suggest that you aren’t as into them as they are into you if you’re the one holding their back. It is seen as a way to give off a very friendly vibe in public.

5. I got you

There’s not a more literal way to show that you have your partner’s back than to stand behind them whilst hugging them. You’re protective and know what you two have is special.

6. The tight hug

This “never-let-go” type hug suggests just that. You never want to be apart and fear losing them. It also shows you absolutely adore them and only want the best for your other half.

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