Waxing Vs Shaving Body Hair: Here’s Our Verdict

Grooming our body hair is an important part of every woman’s beauty regime. While most of us opt for waxing or applying hair removal creams every month, shaving happens to be a much more hassle-free and safe option – it is good for your skin too. Here are 10 good reasons why shaving is the preferred way to groom your body hair.

1. Hassle free and painless option

As long as you have a razor with you, you’re always ready to flaunt your perfect legs in that cute summer dress.

2. It is easy on your pocket

Going to a salon every month is, by no means, inexpensive. Whereas a good razor is affordable and will last you at least three to four shaves.

3. Shaving exfoliates your skin

Women’s razors make your skin appear smoother and younger by removing dead skin cells and exfoliating your skin. For a close and comfortable shave, we’d recommend the Gillette Venus Breeze razor which is like a girl’s best friend!

4. Not a messy process

Shaving whilst in the shower comes naturally to most women and it is so easy that it doesn’t seem like a chore to us. It is way less messy compared to using wax or shaving creams.

5. Perfect for women on the go

As young independent women, we are constantly on the lookout for products which complement our lifestyle. A razor is so easily available and easy to use that it can never disappoint us! Setting aside time to go to the parlour to get waxed – is a struggle every girl can relate to.

6. Shaving keeps your skin soft

By removing the flaky top layer of dead skin cells, shaving keeps your skin supple and fresh. But make sure to use a shaving gel instead of using just soap, before shaving.

7. Gentle on your skin

A new razor, when used carefully, is likely to cause fewer injuries and bruises. Whereas if waxing or shaving creams don’t suit your skin type, you can get rashes or blemishes which take quite time to heal.

8. Can shave as many times as you want

There is no golden number when it comes to shaving. Your hair growth won’t increase even if you tend to shave once every week. Your razor has your back even for those stray patches of hair, which need extra attention. When it comes to waxing, the parlour lady refuses to groom unless you have a significant amount of growth!

9.  Helps you reach the tricky spots

A good razor effortlessly glides on your skin and helps you easily cover tricky areas like knees, ankles and underarms. With waxing, those spots require extra work which is SO painful.

10. A final tip

Shaving is a very convenient and hygienic option – but remember to not share your razor with anyone. And when the blades start going dull, replace them to ensure a great shaving experience – every time!

*This post is in association with Gillette Venus.

Originally posted 2017-07-22 15:04:39.

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