VIDEO : Jimmy Kimmel tearfully tells about the heart surgery of his newborn son

Jimmy Kimmel allow emotions to prevail while talking about heart surgery on his newborn son, just days after birth.

In his show, 49-year-old presenter said that his fourth child was born on April 21, but three hours after birth, the nurse who examined heard a noise in his heart saw that the body is a little purple.

The doctors immediately examined the infant and found it does not receive enough oxygen. He was diagnosed with heart disease (tetralogy Fallot).

The boy, who was named William John Kimmel, went through a three-hour successful open heart surgery.

Second operation will have to be made in three to six months, and when the boy will grow a bit it will  pass through a third surgery. “It was the longest three hours of my life” – says Kimmel in the video.


Despite the difficult period through, Jimmy has not lost his sense of humor and several jokes in the video.

He thanked all nurses who cared for the health of his little child.

Molly shared a new photo and wrote: “I am grateful that I love and I am loved by these two brave guys.  “

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