Versace’s Spring 2018 – Photo

Nostalgia for the supermodel era has never been stronger. With second-generation stars like Kaia Gerber capturing the public’s attention and a growing push away from the social media–centric ethos that has dominated casting the last few years, the public seems hungry for models who are reminiscent of the ’90s. At Versace that desire was evident with the presence of newer stars like Birgit Kos, Tami Williams, Nora Attal, and Faretta, all of whom adhere to old-school ideas of what a model should look like. Tall, toned, and unapologetically feminine, they look like adults rather than children playing dress up. Joined by household names Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid—newsflash, they could be called supermodels, too—and regulars like Binx Walton, Natasha Poly, and Mariacarla Boscono, Versace put its ideal woman front and center.

The keyword here is woman. At 51, 49, and 47 respectively, women like Crawford, Bruni, and Campbell are a rarity on the runways.


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