Unusual Weight loss Tips that Really Work!

You can not control your fondness for food and rigorous diets you abstract noun? Your clothes it becomes too small !?

You do not have to worry anymore because there are tricks that will help you lose weight without being careful of the food.

They might look unusual, but you should test them.

Try diet with toothpaste

This does not mean that you should eat toothpaste. The taste of menthol can help you stay on your diet. If you can not resist your favorite food, wash your teeth with toothpaste flavored with mint.

It will make clear to the brain that you have finished your meal. If you want to eat even a bite to realize that food is not tasty in the mouth if you have the taste of menthol. If you are unable to wash your teeth, take the gum flavored with mint.

Repulsive food

You can not drop the cutlery of hands although you are already satiated? Make food you act repulsive. Chew the cutlery and place in a bowl. Place a picture on your fridge  of you when you were quite thick, as a reminder to watch the diet.

Thoroughly clean the kitchen

If you really want to stick to diets, clean the whole kitchen and refrigerator of unnecessary things. Once you get rid of snacks, provide healthy food that you can use when you smoothed.

Eat cakes

You want to prepare cakes and probably it is hard to resist all your desserts. But do not stop cooking for it. Most of the recipes could be made with healthy ingredients and less fat.

Give in tight trousers

What do first when the clothes will become too narrow? Wide dress shirt and pants. The next time you increase your weight, tighten in your tight clothes. It will remind you during the lunch and how much to eat. Instead unbuttoned his pants after heavy lunch, tighten the belt before you start eating.

Tell a joke to strengthen your abs

Listen and read jokes, even if they are not funny smile. It’s good for your heart and abdominal muscles. Laughter prolongs life and improves blood flow, and doctors recommend at least 15 minutes a day laughing.

With disturbance to a good line

Surely you’ve wondered why some people gain weight while eating a lot and do not pay attention to nutrition. That’s because you can not sit still. The constant movement increases daily expenditure of calories and prevents obesity. It sounds too good to be true? There is evidence of this.

Buy a new service dining

Buy smaller dishes for eating and reduce the waist. Serving food will seem small if you serve in a large bowl. Therefore buying smaller plates will reduce your portions. If you want to get rid of old vessels then serve the food in a dish salad.

Practice before TV

TV may change applies plans for weight loss. Miss walks with friends over your favorite series? If watching television is addictive you get to work a bit on it. If you do not want to miss your favorite show, during commercials do 10 push-ups and 20 sit-ups. During the five 5 minute breaks during the show will have 25 minutes to exercise.

Drink beverage that is the cheapest

Water is the healthiest drink and also the cheapest. Thus you avoid drinking the intake of liquid calories. 3.5 deciliters soda contains about 150 calories. A glass of wine has about 170 calories and cocktails exceed 300 calories. Compared with them Water has 0 calories. If you do not like plain water, free season ja. Add a few drops of lemon to refresh or add a little lemon extract.

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