Two Daily Teaspoons of This Natural Ingredient Will Save Your Teeth!

Would you be interested in improving your oral health and whitening your teeth with using one ingredient only? Well, you can, and if you are interested, keep reading. If you consume only two teaspoons of the ingredient we are about to present you with, your oral health will be optimal. The best thing about this ingredient is that we all have it in our homes. Interested yet?

Introducing Oil Pulling

The ingredient we are talking about here is oil, to be precise the unrefined cooking one like coconut oil. It is not important which one you pick and it does not matter if you like the taste, because you are going to eat it.

What you need to do is take two teaspoons and put them in the mouth. Then, swish the mouth with the oil and then spill it in the sink. This might sound gross, but that is not the point here.

This technique that we are talking about is known as ‘oil pulling’ and it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time. Unlike other natural remedies, oil pulling actually works. Also, this technique has become so popular lately that all health bloggers, vloggers and even grandmas have been talking about it and using it.

If you are wondering what it does, it will help with fighting halitosis, gingivitis, eczema, acne and a lot more.

How Does it Work?

The oil pulling works by drawing the bacteria out through the pores in the gums while swishing. This way, the bacteria is removed from the mouth and the body as well.

The theory here is sound, yet still not scientifically proven. There is no evidence actually that the oils do this and the whole idea behind drawing bacteria out of the skin might not be that true. Actually, oils, honey and other remedies soften the skin to remove splinters and such.

Nevertheless, science does suggest that oil pulling works to remove the bacteria from the mouth. There was one study where it was discovered that oil pulling removed the bacteria, the mucus specifically and the plaque as well from the mouth.

Thus, oil pulling does offer some benefits when it comes to the bacteria in the mouth. However, the part about the pores is not very true.

Also, due to the fact that flossing can reduce cancer rates by reducing the bacteria, it helps with the immune system and it is one reason more to try this.

A lot of people actually say that oil pulling has helped them to have better teeth and breath as well. However, do not do this daily, because it is a little bit excessive. Also, you need to swish for 20 minutes. Just floss well, brush regularly and use this from time to time to get the bacteria out of the mouth. That is it!

Originally posted 2018-03-29 23:32:55.

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