Top 5 Daily Exercises For Women Over 45

Once a woman reaches 45, she notices her body changing. but these 5 exercises can help keep you in shape and improve your health.

1. Glute Bridge

If you sit in the office all day, you probably don’t get to work out your glutes very much, other than sitting on them. When you do glue exercises, your butt muscles are working and it can help loosen them up and reverse the effects of sitting all day.

When you do this exercise, put your hands and arms at your side and squeeze your butt muscles. This will help lift your body from the chair. Squeeze them and slowly drop your body back to the chair. Repeat as many times as you want.

2. Elliptical

Being on an elliptical machine can help increase your heart rate and make it stronger. It can also help burn a lot of calories and get your body in shape.

If you don’t have an elliptical in your own home, consider joining a gym where you can use the machine there. You can also find classes for elliptical workouts.

3. Squats

Squats help tone your glutes and are a good way to stretch the muscles in the back, knees, and ankles.

They can also help increase muscle mass, which is something many women start to lose after they read the age of 45

4. Walking

You can fit walking into your schedule and it’s easy on the joints. You can walk with friends, talk to work, walk to lunch, or just walk for fun.

Walking helps tone your body and get your heart pumping. Being outside is also good for your mood and mental health.

5. Y-to-T Raises

These exercises help strengthen your arms, shoulder and back and can help fight muscle weakness and bone disease. According to the Journal of Bone Metabolism, they can also fight sarcopenia, which “is a degenerative loss of skeletal muscle associated with aging.

So, if you’d like to prevent bad posture and back and shoulder aches, it is very important to strengthen the muscles of your back and shoulders.”

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