This Is Why it’s always Cold to You!

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It’s just the beginning of the Autumn and Winter season, and you’re already tucked in your warm blanket in front of the TV after work. And just can’t imagine going bare feet anymore – socks are a must have for you. Still, your hands feel cold very often. Is the problem in You? Should you check a doctor?

First of all, read this and then try searching for additional help and doctor’s check – up.

It might be your thyroid gland

Intolerance for cold weather might be directly connected to the lack of hormone produced by the thyroid gland. This is a medical condition called “Hypothyroidism”, and besides feeling cold, you should always feel fatigue and have a low heart rate and blood pressure. If you have all these symptoms together – then it’s time for a medical examination with you doctor.

It might be anemia

Anemia is the condition where not enough erythrocytes are produced and the blood lacks these red blood cells, which are crucial for delivering the oxygen throughout all the parts of the body.

Anemia mostly occurs because of lack of Iron in the blood, which can be because of immune fall of the organism, pregnancy, poor nutrition and malabsorption of the nutrients in the food. If you feel often fatigue, and also look more pale, have an increased heart rate and often feel migraines – do a blood testing and notice the levels of Iron in the blood.

Sleep deprivation

Yes, stress and lack of sleep might also cause your shivering. When the body is disbalanced, and that’s what happens when you lack sleep – everything could go wrong!

You might be dehydrated

Water helps the body in breaking down food, releasing the toxins out of the body and boosts the entire metabolism. Dehydration may cause that feeling og cold, because the organism isn’t producing enough needed energy to warm up your body.

Lack of BMI – or, simply said

You are underweight and over thin! You lack fat tissues that insulate from the cold surroundings.

Poor blood circulation

Blood is what keeps us warm. If your organism isn’t sending all the blood in all the places in the body – you might feel cold because of poor blood circulation. If this is the cause, your furthest body parts, which are the toes on your hands and feet, and also the tip of your nose are cold most of the time. Visit the doctor and he will give you a treatment for this, which is medically known as “peripheral artery disease”, which made your arteries narrow and you’re feeling cold.

Women Always feel colder than men usually do. Why? This is due to the estrogen in their body, which directly affect the thickening of the blood. This can result with reduced blood flow.

Besides all of these medical facts, you might feel cold just because the day is shorter and you mentally trigger the coldness in your body and want to be more of an indoor than an outdoor person, as the weather is changing. Stay warm in any case!

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