The most Powerful Oil will quickly Eliminate pain in the Joints, Neck, Arthritis, Gout, cysts in the chest, Headaches

The most powerful oil will quickly eliminate pain in the joints, neck, arthritis, gout, cysts in the chest, headaches and not only!

One of the reasons why I love spring so much is the bright, sunny faces of the dandelion flowers against the background of fresh green grass. Waking up bees adore dandelions, collect nectar from yellow inflorescences, filling the air with a happy buzzing.

My family also loves these bright flowers: every spring we collect them together for the preparation of medicines and delicious dishes. Dandelions can be eaten raw in salads, add to the soup, fry in the pancakes, bake pies, make syrup, jam and herbal tea.

Dandelion officinalis

This most humble plant is considered a weed by the majority. However, the yellow dandelion has long been valued for its medicinal properties. It is used in phytotherapy for the treatment of infections, gallbladder and liver diseases, and also as a diuretic.

Do you know that this plant is one of the most effective means for relieving pain in the joints and muscles? It has been proven that the anti-inflammatory properties of dandelion help in the treatment of arthritis, gout, dandelion eliminates spasms and headaches. To do this, make oil from dandelion flowers, which rub up the sore spots.

Today I will tell you how I make healing oil from dandelions. It is considered to be the most powerful agent for affecting the body.

Butter from dandelion
Plants should be collected only in ecologically clean places, away from highways and large cities.


  • 500 g of dandelion flowers
  • 1 liter of high-quality cold pressed vegetable oil


  1. In dry sunny weather, collect the flowers of a dandelion and put it in a half-liter jar. Do not wash flowers.
  2.  Zaley dandelions to the top with vegetable oil, bandaging the neck of the can of gauze.
  3.  Put the jar in a warm sunny place for 3 weeks.
  4. Once the flowers turn brown, strain the oil through gauze into a sterilized bottle of dark glass.
  5. Keep healing oil in a dark cool place.
    If you do not want to wait a few weeks, you can make butter differently.


  1. In the pan, add vegetable oil and add dandelion flowers.
  2. Mix the mixture in a water bath for 30-60 minutes on the slowest heat.
  3.  Move the mixture to the jar and leave it for 24 hours.
  4. Text the oil through gauze and pour into an opaque container.
  5.  Keep the capacity tightly closed in a cold dark place.

The oil should not be too hot, in any case, do not allow boiling. The longer you will be able to heat it without boiling, the more useful substances the flowers will release into the oil.

To avoid damage to the product, make sure that the storage container is completely dry. Most oil extracts, if properly stored, can be used for a whole year.

You can freeze dandelion flowers and use them in winter to make a wonderful oil.

Such an extract of dandelion will help with liver diseases and stones in the gallbladder, with frequent constipation, as choleretic, for any problems with the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, colitis). Take it you need 1 tbsp. l. 3 times a day with meals.

With articular pain, you need to rub butter from dandelions, painful places 2-3 times a day – this will give a persistent analgesic effect. filling the salad with this oil, you will enrich it with useful substances and give it an exquisite taste.

Useful properties of dandelion will be useful in the treatment of skin diseases. To do this, use oil rubbing and appliqu├ęs. This ointment helps with herpes, eczema, wounds, burns, boils, scabies and insect bites.

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