The hairs, ones should and which which ones should not be plucked

Do I pull my hair out? According to some surveys, approximately 75 percent of women see unusual hair growth as time goes on, especially after menopause. Beard hairs, which are the biggest problem are usually a sign of these hormonal changes, but dermatologists believe that genetics also play a role. But what is the best way to remove beard hair?

If you have one or two, specialists say to pluck them with thread or wax, because these ways do less damage to the skin, but always wash your face with warm water first, this will calm the follicle and prevent hair stagnation. To avoid infection, wash the tweezers with soap and water and keep in a dry place after each use.

White fibers

Plucking any gray will not promote its germination in the same place as people think, but it can permanently damage the hair root and create hairless areas. The choice is yours.

Nose hairs

Nose hairs are a filter for harmful microbes that we inhale with the air every day. Pulling the hairs would allow bacteria to enter the dangerous triangle, the area between the mouth and nose where the blood that goes to the brain passes. If bacteria accumulate there they can cause serious infections, even in meningitis, so wait if necessary, but do not pluck those hairs.

Mole hairs

Unlike legends, there is no evidence that plucking the hairs from the mole hurts, but it can cause the mole to become infected and have bleeding, which would attract more attention than a small thin hair.

Armpit hairs

We do not know why you should uproot them this way, but if you do, experts say it is absolutely not a wise idea. The possibility of inner hairs increases when you pluck them. Better use a less intense way, like razor, wax, or laser.

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