The dangers of washing machines

It is assumed that the washing machine is the cleanest household appliance, but it actually houses bacteria, germs, and unpleasant odors.

Here are the unsuspected dangers of the washing machine:

1. Mold may appear in front-loading washing machines on the door seal and even on the interior walls, in the form of black spots, which can be transported on freshly washed laundry. Ask for help from a specialized person if you are confronted with this problem.

2. Infestation with E. coli is a very serious matter, which can affect other types of laundry, washed together with underwear because traces of feces provide a good environment for infestation. So it is very important to always wash your own underwear.

3. To kill germs and bacteria on laundry and to properly disinfect them, it is advisable to use washing cycles at high temperatures.

4. Use perfume-free detergents in the washing machine if you have sensitive skin to avoid irritation. These are some of the dangers of a washing machine. In order to avoid them, you can simply follow some simple rules, like washing certain types of clothes at high 

Originally posted 2019-05-02 13:31:26.

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