The Color Of Your Period Can Tell You More About Your Health. Here when should go to the Doctor!

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Apart from stomach cramps, moods and an insatiable hunger, your period may actually be trying to tell you a little bit more about your health

Pink color – go to the doctor!

The color of menstrual blood with mild pink admixture may be a sign of low estrogen. If you’re training, this is a very common case. It has been proven that women who exercise regularly have low levels of estrogen, and this can later lead to osteoporosis

Dilute color – go to the doctor!

Menstrual blood that looks like no color means you are missing nutritional components. In some cases it is considered one of the earliest signs of ovarian cancer.

Dark brown color – everything is fine!

Dark brown or red menstrual blood means that old blood has remained somewhere in the uterus. Almost 80% of women have dark brown menstrual blood at the end of the cycle.

Dense blood with lumps – go to the doctor!

If you have heavy menstrual blood and lumps, it indicates a high level of progesterone and estrogen and is a sign of hormonal imbalance.

Orange color – go to the doctor!

If you feel unpleasant smells, this is a sure sign of a sexually transmitted infection. Your body tells you that something is wrong.

Cranberry color – everything is fine!  It’s a healthy color.

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