Tangerine Peel: An Incredible Source Of Strength, 7 Problems You Can Cure With It

One of the sweetest fruits that is very rich in vitamins and nutrients is the tangerine. It is actually very similar in shape to the orange. The only difference is that it has a finer shell. You can use the shell as a snack in the mid-afternoon and mid-morning as well.

This fruit also has a shell that contains some essential oils that are also used in the perfume industry and to make skin products as well. However, a lot of people do not know that this fruit contains a lot of great properties, especially its shell.

Most of the time, the peel is considered as garbage. However, you should know that it contains a lot of medicinal benefits.

Which Benefits Does the Tangerine Peel Offer?

The tangerine peel contains a lot of benefits that are great for cholesterol levels, blood sugar and it also helps with the liver. Actually, there have been a lot of studies that have proven that the tangerine peel can aid with the digestive system health and allow a better digestion of fatty foods.

Now, we will present you all the ills that you can use the tangerine as a cure for and the ways to prepare it as well.

The Benefits of the Tangerine Peel

1. Hypertension and Tachycardia

You can add three liters of water in a glass of fresh mandarin peel, let it boil and then let it to stand for an hour. Then, strain it and use it to bathe yourself with it. You should do this every other day.

2. Physical Exhaustion and Sleeping Problems

If you put a couple of mandarin peels and hold them close to you and just breathe in for 15 minutes you can relieve mild headaches with this technique.

3. Foot Fungus

You should rub the peel on the affected area twice a week, twice a day.

4. Digestive Problems

To solve this problem you can use dry skin. You can get an orange powder and use it to add to any type of meal. This will aid in relieving stomach pain and flatulence.

5. Nasal Congestion

Put some several fresh peels it boiling water. You need to breath the vapor that emerges from the container for at least five minutes. Please make sure that you do not expose yourself too much to this.

7. Cough

You need to leave the husks to dry and add two tablespoons of the husk in hot water and leave it to stand in a cool place for a week. When this time passes you should cover it and take 20 drops of the liquid dissolved in a glass with water and take it three times a day before each meal.

8. Bronchitis

Just add two tablespoons of tangerine peel to a glass of boiled water and leave it like this for an hour. Then, drink it. You should take it three times a day to get rid of bronchitis.

As you can see, the tangerine is really useful, especially the peel. Thus, the next time that you you eat a tangerine make sure you do not throw it away.

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