Strange, but important You can’t bear the Smell of your Own Pee

Urine never smells good but the cause of its smell can be either benign or malignant. Normally, urine should have a very subtle, ammonia-like smell or it can even be odorless.

But if you get unbearable fumes and the process of urinating is accompanied by pain and a burning sensation, schedule an appointment to see your gynecologist/urologist. You may be suffering from a urinary tract infection UTI. Also, an individual with diabetes may have a sweetened urine odor.

Urinary tract infection UTI

Some people have a higher risk of getting a UTI. Women and girls are at a higher risk compared to men and boys because their urethra is shorter and closer to the anus, which makes it easier for bacteria to enter the urinary tract. Other things that can increase your risk for a UTI include

While UTI and diabetes are the malignant reasons, benign causes can include what you ate or drank the night before. Eating asparagus can cause a strong odor due to the body’s breakdown of asparagusic acid. Similarly, the consumption of saffron, tuna fish, onion, and certain spices can result in telltale scents. Dehydration is another cause of foul-smelling urine, so remember to drink enough water.

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