Simple Exercise To Reduce Bloated Stomach In 30 Seconds Women!

Flatulence is one of the diseases that sometimes makes us extremely uncomfortable. Indigestion or food intolerance are common culprits of this condition.

And once we suffer from this obnoxious bloating, what we care about is how to get rid of it as soon as possible. Here, we’ll tell you simple exercises to reduce flatulence.

Twisting two knees. This action will help to relieve stress and discomfort caused by flatulence after only 30 seconds.

Simple Exercise To Reduce Flatulence In 30 Seconds

1 Fold two knees, bend up towards the chest, hold two knees tightly with both hands.

2 Release your arms, twist your hips and two knees – folding, leaning to the right, ending with placing two knees – folded, to the floor in a right-leaning position. In the meantime, two hands face up, spread out to two shoulders, and head and neck to the left.

3 Pull out two knees at the original posture to hug your knees.

4 Change sides, twist the hips and two pillows to the left, arms spread out to the shoulders, head, and neck to the right.

5 Return to the position of hugging the pillow in front of the chest.

6 Repeat from step 1 and continue.

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