Who says a rainy day hairstyle can’t be chic? 8 Hairstyles

Who says a rainy day hairstyle can’t be chic? We made it through winter but unfortunately, we still have some wet weather to get through before we can enjoy long summer days by the pool. When it’s cold and rainy out, the last thing you want to do is spend an hour styling your hair because it’s going to get frizzy the second you walk out the door. With these simple rainy day styles, you can get a chic rainy day hairstyle, perfect for anything from a quick gym trip to an evening date!

1.Top Bun: If you have long hair, this is probably the easiest rainy day hairstyle. For work, pull it up tightly and avoid the messy look, but if you’re headed out for a day of fun, loosen up the bun to add some body.

2.Half Up: Not loving the bun idea? Try a half up look. Take half of your hair, either parted in the middle or brushed back, and clip it. It’s that simple. This is a great look if you need a sophisticated style but still want to keep your hair out of your face.

3.Natural With A Hat: Let your hair air dry but throw a big, floppy hat over it. The extra texture on the ends can give you an effortlessly styled look, but the top (which is usually where we have trouble) stays covered (and dry when going outside!).

4.Side Braid: If your hair is long enough, a loose side braid is very simple. Pull all of your hair over to one side and loosely braid, starting at the base of your neck. Keep the braid to the side for a chic look or push it back for a more sporty style.

5.Simple French Braid: It may remind you of your younger years, but a French braid can be stylish – and they’re so easy. You can use all of your hair, the top half, or just the front inch or two.

6.Double Braids: No, we don’t mean like Pippi Longstocking, thankfully. Do a French braid on either side of your head. Instead of letting the ends hand down, pin them up at the base of your neck for an easy up-do.

7.Be Brave: If you’re feeling adventurous, try leaving your hair natural. Add some product to weigh it down but embrace the waves (or curls, or frizz). You can always tie it back later if it’s just too out of hand.

8.Fishtail Braid: The best thing about this style is that you can do it while your hair is still wet. It’s going to get wet soon anyway; why bother drying it, right? Add some hairspray to keep flyaways under control. The fishtail braid works for a day at the office or a night out with the girls.

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