Pumping Serious Weights While Pregnant: One New Mom’s Fitness Story After Sparking an International Controversy

Have you seen this video of an incredibly fit… SUPER pregnant lady… lifting what most would consider a crazy amount of weight? Emily Breeze Ross Watson gained international media attention for her choice to continue Crossfit olympic lifting, rope climbs, box jumps, kettle bell swings, wind sprints, etc. until just days before giving birth. She was in the Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan,  People, we interviewed her on Fox and Friends… It was a massive debate. Was she putting her unborn child in danger? Or was she being a smart mom… staying strong… wanting to set an example for other women to stay fit while pregnant? Breeze was forced to go on the offensive to defend her choice and vowed she was only doing what her doctor deemed was suitable and safe. She says it’s true she was lifting 200 pounds just days before her due date… but this was actually a pregnancy modification… she would normally be lifting even more weight.

After being both revered and ridiculed for lifting heavy heavy weights during her late stages of pregnancy… Emily Breeze Ross Watson has given birth to an adorable, happy, and healthy little boy called Bly… she has her killer body back… and now she has a platform to help other yummy mummies get their bodies back. Breeze has a tremendous following on social media. Check her out on Instagram. She has over 42,000 followers. Breeze is a badass Crossfit babe too!

She is a killer in competition…. see stats here! Last May Breeze helped to host a Guinness World Record attempt… a free STAX bootcamp in Charlotte, NC with NFL star Randy Moss. She says thousands of participants came to Charlotte from all over the city and even different states. The free event was basically a big lifestyle fitness party… complete with DJs, food trucks, and sponsors.  Breeze says they broke two world records… most people doing sit-ups in one spot and most people doing push-ups in one spot! Lots of #fitspo surrounding Breeze… even if you aren’t a pregnant lady or new mommy!


I am so proud of Breeze for what she has been able to achieve in the fitness world and her personal life over the last few years! Breeze is a friend of mine from when I used to live in Charlotte, NC.



Here’s a pic of us pre-baby travel pic… from a girls weekend we had together in Miami.  Keep killing it Breeze! You go girl!!

Friends… Here is a back and forth Breeze and I had about what she’s been up to recently. Enjoy!

ANNA: You have been a respected name in fitness around Charlotte for quite some time… but how has your fitness profile shifted since making international news for the intense weight lifting during pregnancy?

BREEZE: I’ve definitely found myself in a position to inspire moms and women at all stages of life. I’ve been able to change people’s perceptions of what our bodies can do and encourage others to challenge themselves physically no matter where they are in life.

ANNA: Share a few tips for getting your body back, post-baby. Has it been easier or more challenging than you expected?

BREEZE: Dedicating time for yourself each day to work out is essential! I’ve had a lot of fun incorporating Bly into my workouts, so use your baby to mix up your routine! You’ll feel better after working out, and they will have the awesome values of fitness instilled in them from a young age. Also, fueling your body well with healthy foods is key to getting back to your pre-baby body.

For me, getting my pre-baby body back has been harder than I anticipated, and change has happened in a slower time frame than I hoped for. Nevertheless, the hard work has made me appreciate it more! I’ve learned to be patient (remembering “all good things come to those who wait”), give myself grace, and not compare myself to other women.

ANNA: What advice do you have for new moms trying to find time for fitness while balancing a baby/family and career?

BREEZE: Incorporate your little one into your workout!! Demonstrate and lead them early! It’s important for them to see you move each day! Moving every day will also help you offset the stress and lack of sleep that comes with being a new mom!

ANNA: Strong is the new sexy…. It seems like women are really starting to have an awakening when it comes to weight lifting… But what would you say to women who think the only exercise they need to be doing involves cardio and cutting calories?

BREEZE: It’s important to realize that weight training burns fat. Short, high intensity workouts are more effective than long walks on the stairmaster or treadmill, so try to incorporate some high intensity movements!

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