Phones With Greatest Radiation Rate. Avoid These…

It is an immense shock when you realize that some phones are in fact radioactive. #They are indeed. So, the reason for writing today’s article is to present you a list of radioactive phones and check if yours is on the #list.

A group of experts discovered that in the Institute Israel-Weizmann was a publication of a study that showed some amazing results. #They also found out that even the shortest amount of 10 minutes spent on the phone can expose you to radiation. In fact, this can damage the brain and impact the cancer cells.

The Radioactive Phones

The main expert that was leading the study said that this will increase the brain #cancer risks in kids between 10-12 because they use them the most.

@Moreover, this damage can be severe due to the fact that the young brain is still developing. Plus, more and more kids have phones nowadays and the age decreases by day.

The internet has a different theory on this, plus, phones can be tested for the radiation rate.

The maximum limit is 1.6 watt per kg and you need to know the phones just for this reason. #Check to see if you phone is on that list so that you will know if you have to worry or not.

#The List

  1. Motorola Droid Maxx (SAR 1.54)

2. Motorola Droid Ultra (SAR 1.54)

3. Motorola Moto E (SAR 1.5)

4. Alcatel One Touch Evolve (SAR 1.49)

5. Huawei Vitria (SAR 1.49)

#Make no mistake, even though some of these phones might be very good, they are super harmful and you should do your best to avoid them, #especially if you need a good night’s sleep. What is more, definitely keep them out of range from children, they can harm them. #There you go, check the list and see if your phone is there. In the meantime, take care of yourselves.

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