Options for Removing Unwanted Body Hair for women

If you are used to shaving your unwanted body hair or waxing it at home, you know what an annoyance that can be. Waxing is sometimes uncomfortable, and both methods take a lot of time. That’s to say nothing of the fact that some hairs can easily be missed, especially when shaving. That’s why you may want to try laser hair removal or another form of hair removing treatment instead.

Sugaring for More Consistent Hair Removal

Sugaring hair removal works a lot like waxing, except that it is a bit more predictable. When you wax unwanted hair away, it can return in anywhere from two to eight weeks. Who wants that kind of unpredictability, especially in the summer months? Sugaring offers a more predictable window of about six to eight weeks, but it is still just as uncomfortable and time-consuming as waxing can be.

Lasers and Clinical Hair Removal Procedures

If you feel like you want to take your hair removal out of your own hands, you can seek help in a skincare clinic or spa. Among the most popular clinical hair removal machines is the laser. Lasers can use highly focused beams of light to destroy each of the targeted hairs on your body. In fact, they can get all the way down to the roots, keeping the hair from returning for a long time.

Electrolysis is another clinical way to remove hair that you want to be rid of, but it’s not for everyone in every situation. It’s a bit uncomfortable, and it’s also better for treating small sections of skin with pesky recurring hairs, not larger areas. You also have to start electrolysis well before you want to be hair free because it takes several treatments to get rid of the hair totally.

Pain-Free Lotions, Creams, and Roll Ons for Hair Removal

Another way to get rid of body hair you would rather do without is to use depilatory creams or lotions. There are even roll on sticks now for hair removal that contain similar formulas. Simply apply them to the offending area regularly and the hair should fall out. It should take about two weeks to grow back after it’s gone.

It’s worth nothing that you can also use depilatory creams after another treatment, such as electrolysis or a laser procedure. The creams can be a great way to maintain results at home that you achieved in your local spa or skincare clinic.

Epilators Are Also Good for Removing Stray Hairs

Epilators are tools that look much like pens of tweezers with spinning discs. In fact, you can think of them a bit like mechanical tweezers that are designed to pull out multiple hairs at once, minimizing the torture of plucking single hairs all the time. You can but your own epilator easily online, but much like the depilatory creams it is better used as a maintenance tool after you get rid of the bulk of your unwanted body hair.

As you can see, the hair removal options these days are numerous. Each one has unique benefits, such as being doable in the privacy of your own home or being incredibly precise and keeping the hair at bay for a longer period of time.

But another great thing about hair removal options is that they are interchangeable. You can easily try any of them at any time without being forced to stick to one or the other. So, if your current method isn’t living up to your needs or expectations, give a different method a try.

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