She is never bored: Photos of mother of SEVEN young children

You think your life is chaotic?

Meet Roxanne Hoffman, a mother of seven young children, who the  most of the time look out after her children alone.

Roxanne is the mother of 10-year-old Connor, 2-year-old Aurora, Brielle, Dilajla, Elias and Felicity and the one year old Gideon. Since her husband Michael is a soldier, she has to deal alone with the housework and childcare.

Michael often absent from home because of his services to different locations around the world, but because of his career as a military person, the family in the last two years have moved three times. He is currently serving and will return home in August.

27-year-old Roxana regularly share photos of their chaotic, but fun reality and consistently receives compliments. To adapt to the situation, Roxana must drive a vehicle with 15 seats and has a baby carriage with five seats.

Roxanne and Michael got quintet after they made insemination  in an effort to get their second child. Earlier the couple had lost a daughter in the 24th week of pregnancy, after which he was diagnosed with secondary infertility.

During the second ultrasound, the happy parents received news that they will get twins, but on the third review, they heard five strong heartbeat.

“My husband turned pale and almost got unconscious. And I was not ready, but I had to stay strong. Our whole family was surprised and shocked “- said Roxanne, who had to eat 7,000 calories per day to maintain a healthy weight for their children.

Only 11 days after the birth of the quintet, Michael had to return to work, and when the babies had 6 months, he was sent to military service in another country. Roxana’s mother had to move into their home to help with the children.

Due to the tremendous similarity, Roxana polishes their children’s nails in different colors.

“I try to live in the moment. It is important to find time for yourself.They will go to kindergarten next year, that gives me a mix of emotions, because they were my life in the last two years “- says Roxanne.

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