Mistakes in the use of tampons that you often do, but do not need

There is a warmer weather, which means that many girls who use pads during the winter, are now deciding on tampons.

But you need to use them carefully, otherwise you can seriously hurt yourself.


Errors that most women do most often do not need:

  1. Wash your hands only after you put the tampon

You must wash your hands both before and after putting the tampon.

  1. Do not put the tampon deep enough

How will you know that you put the tampon deep enough? So you will not feel it.

  1. Use one size of tampons

For the days when the menstrual cycle is stronger you need to use larger tampons and vice versa.

  1. Too rarely change the tampon

This is quite important – the tampon changes every 4 to 5 hours, otherwise bacteria collect.

  1. Use a buffer when you only have a discharge

At the beginning and end of the menstrual cycle, you should not use a tampon, because it can irritate the skin, change the acidity of the vagina and cause inflammation.

  1. Wear a swab before and after the menstrual cycle

The same goes for when “just in case” you carry the buffer before it starts and after your cycle is complete. The tampon is not good to use when the vagina is dry.

  1. Do not change the tampon after the need

You do not have to change the tampon for every little need, but it’s good to change it after 3 to 4 times because it starts to collect bacteria that are not good for the vagina.

  1. Do not change the tampon after swimming

If you go on holiday in spite of the cycle, you decide to enter the water, it is good to immediately change the tampon, because it absorbs water and external bacteria that in no way are good for the vagina.

  1. Use fragrant tampons

Pleasant scents cause only irritation.

  1. Keep the tampons in places where water spills

Avoid keeping tampons near the shower or sink where they can receive from moisture.


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