Miss World Israel – Krembo Wings

Krembo Wings is a youth movement leading social change, and integrating children and youth with and without disabilities – the only one of its kind in the world. Krembo Wings holds weekly social-educational activities in the afternoons, implementing the modal of personal counseling in a group setting. The youth counselors in the movement are usually youth from the regular school system, and every two are paired with one youth with a  disability.

Every week the counselors participate in all the activities together with their peers with disabilities, while assisting their special partner according to their specific needs and disabilities, and assisting them to express their abilities as much as possible. Over the course of the year, a very special connection is created between the pair of counselors and their peer with disabilities.

Krembo Wings branch in Kiryat Gat is currently running for its fourth year, and this year Karin Alia, Miss World Israel 2016, joined the branch as a counselor. When Karin joined the branch, she and her fellow counselors underwent training in which they learned about the world of disabilities, and the values and vision of Krembo Wings.

Karin was quickly integrated, and today she is a counselor to Vitali Litanov – a 16 year old member who has Cerebral Palsy. Vitali is a very sensitive, charming and loving youth, with who Karin created a wonderful bond. Karin is counseling Vitali together with two other able-bodied youth – Haim and Diana – and a wonderful connection was also formed between the three of them.

During the branch’s Order of the Wings ceremony that took place on Tuesday February 21, Vitali went on stage together with Haim and Karin, and played the guitar for the first time in front of an audience. Karin and her peer counselors cheered him on, supported him and stood by him throughout the entire song – happy and proud.

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