Melt Pounds Overnight With One Magical Beverage

Imagine how great it would be to burn fat just by watching TV or reading a book. Many do not realize the power that honey and cinnamon have, but these two simple ingredients will allow the body to burn fat overnight.

The two combined will help speed up metabolism, as well as help an individual lose weight.

You need it:

To make this magical concoction only three ingredients are needed. Place one tablespoon of cinnamon with two tablespoons of organic honey in 250 ml of water. Always remember to keep the cinnamon to honey ratio at 1:2.

This can be made in batches to drink throughout the day.

How to:

Begin by boiling the water, then adding the cinnamon to it. Cool down completely before adding the honey. Adding honey in hot water will destroy the nutrients found in honey, so this should never be done.


This magical beverage should be drank right before breakfast in the morning and then again at night before bedtime. The stomach will need to be empty before drinking it, as this is the only way the beverage will help to burn fat and speed up the metabolism.

Originally posted 2018-03-28 22:30:45.

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