Lipstick from $ 60,000 and another 4 impudently expensive cosmetic products

Shelves and shelves filled with beauty products keep us deceive the eye and con us to empty our wallet to last penny. However, once you see the price of these 5 products, you may feel less remorse after purchasing that expensive face powder.


In a world where there is so much poverty and hunger we feel that the price of these products is fully meaningless.

Some people have enough money  to spend even $ 60,000 for a  lipstick! What are the other most expensive cosmetics market?


KissKiss lipstick Guerlain

Guerlain is one of the oldest cosmetic brands in the world. The famous French brand is known for numerous innovations when it comes to preparative and decorative cosmetics. The packaging of this lipstick which is called KissKiss is made of gold and diamonds.

The exact cost of the lipstick is 62,000 dollars and we are wondering what happens if the owner lose its lipstick?

Set skincare Orchidée Impériale of Guerlain

Another product from the prestigious French company. The translated product name means royal orchid, a rare flower that deeply regenerates the skin. The company is known to use this flower more than 12 years.

Set skincare consists of several products that promise to fully regenerate skin in just 4 weeks with regular use. The price of the kit is almost $ 2,000.

Gold and Diamond fake eyelashes

It is obvious that gold and diamonds are used in many cosmetic products and raise the price of the same.

Kre At Beauty brand in 2009 launched two types of false eyelashes – gold and diamond because every woman should feel beautiful and attractive. Beauty comes at a price of 1,350 dollars.

Golden nail polish

When we say gold bow we mean not only the color of the arc. Model Own company founded in 2008 produces high quality nail polishes available for every pocket. The cost of these coatings for widespread use is 8 dollars.

However, someone decided it needed dose glamor, so he decided to make the arc of pure gold, whose bottle will be decorated with small diamonds. The cost of such a bow is $ 130,000. Indeed stark contrast from the bottle which costs $ 8.

Face Serum Orogold 24K Nano Night Recovery

This night serum or as they call it yet – elixir has a 24-carat gold in its composition and essential oils that promise amazing skin. Special technology and components anti-aging promise sufficient amount is extremely small product constrained, radiant and youthful skin.

The product costs $ 1,500, and the vial has a product just for a week.

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