The life of every zodiac sign in 3 sentences

Getting to know yourself via horoscope, maybe is not the smartest thing you can do, but definitely fun.

Each zodiac sign has different characteristics that separate them from the other, so when get to know someone, often the first question they ask is: “What is your zodiac sign?”, As if that tells you a lot about the person.

The way every horoscope himself describes, make sure you have some of these characteristics:

  1. Aries

– The situation is always under control, but my emotions never.

– First responders, then think about what I’ve done.

– I am stubborn , so what?

  1. Taurus

– I do not care if I’m second in the work, those are the first and they so spend too much energy.

– I just want to be in my comfort zone.

– No, I do not borrow my car, money, clothes!

  1. Gemini

– Now you see me, now.

– My ideal house has a TV in every room.

– If you follow me, you’re out of the game.

  1. Cancer

– My home is my holy place.

– The most beautiful thing in life is when my fridge is full.

– I have this jacket for 10 years and it still looks like new.

  1. Leo

– Follow me, I’m the leader.

– When I do something I go to extremes.

– I’d rather help someone than to let  someone  help me.

  1. Virgo

– Modesty is my greatest quality.

– A dirty house is my worst nightmare.

– If you take me, I explain rationally why we should be together.


  1. Weighing

– I hate conflict.

– I can not live without a partner.

– The hardest thing in my life is to make any decision.

  1. Scorpio

– I have a lot of passion in me.

– No one really knows my real “I”.

– analyze each situation, you can not hide anything from me.

  1. Archer

– Do not feel bad about what I did.

– How can you be mad at me? That’s impossible.

– Best travel? Traveling around the world.

  1. Capricorn

– My motto is: “Do not break rules, you can be caught.”

– I love to think and speak, but I do not want much to move out of place.

– I am very reserved and always calm.

  1. Aquarius

– My biggest nightmare is to be like everyone else.

– I’m the most positive person you’ll ever meet.

– Do not worry about the future,  it will certainly be wonderful.

  1. Fish

– I can not say “no” to alcohol.

– If I promise something,  it does not mean it will happen.

– I can give advice to anyone.

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