The Debate Continues: Can Women Drink Water While Eating

Health TV Shows and magazines usually have some pretty decent pieces of advice about diets and healthy daily routines. And they usually say that you shouldn’t drink and eat at the same time. Experts say that water is not good for your stomach acid. And others say that this habit can make us even fatter. However, is this really true? Can water really do all that?

What Happens with everything that goes into our stomach!?

Well, first we need to say that food and water are two totally different things. That is why our body treats those two things differently.

For example, you start thinking about the food and you immediately start drooling, or in other words, your body prepares for food by producing all the necessary saliva. When you put the food in your mouth, saliva softens that food so you chew and properly swallow it. Then that food goes to your stomach where it says in the next 4 (and something) hours. After that, some of it turns into liquid and chime which goes into your intestines and provide your whole body with all the necessary nutrients.

Water is a totally different story. As soon as you drink it, it goes to and through your stomach. It doesn’t stay there for long. And it does go through your chewed food if you drink it during the meal and it even helps you by moisturizing it.

Liquids WILL NOT influence the speed of digestion

Experts can say whatever they want, but there are no official studies that can prove the misconception that liquid (water for example) pushes solid food into the intestine before it’s fully digested. Any liquid (including water) leaves your body faster than solid food and it can’t influence the speed of your digestion. It can’t do anything to your bowel movement… It is simple.

Can we Drink Water While Eating?

This will not do any harm! It will help you soften all the food. However, do not drink water before you swallow. The food needs your saliva and its enzymes.

And plus, when you take those short pauses to take the glass and take a sip of water, you simply slow down the process of eating and you give some time to the brain to actually understand how much food you had already eaten. That’s how you will eat less.

You can also drink tea instead of water. And you shouldn’t worry about the temperature of the water. Your stomach will take care of that. However, it is always best to drink the lukewarm water.

Originally posted 2019-03-28 14:05:11.

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