Ladies Drinking Coffee makes Breasts Smaller!

Beautiful, firm and big breasts? That’s something every lady dreams of. Sadly, coffee drinking women have a tough nut to crack here, because there’s been a rumor circling around lately that drinking coffee makes breasts smaller.

A group of doctors at the Lunds Universitet in Sweden has tested women who have a cup of coffee on a regular basis. The doctors decided to test whether it’s true that drinking coffee makes breasts smaller. The doctors’ suspicions were confirmed one hundred percent.

As it turned out, a statistically significant correlation was observed between drinking at least three cups of the aromatic drink a day and the breast size. “It is true, drinking coffee does make breasts smaller” concludes Helen Jernström. The test involved 300 women.

They were questioned about the amount of coffee they drank while also having their breasts measured. It turned out that just three cups of coffee a day is enough to decrease the breast size by 17% on average (compared to the ladies who drank less of the drink)! To make things worse, each additional cup made that percentage even higher!

How does drinking coffee make breasts smaller?

Coffee’s influence on breast size is related to its impact on the female hormone estrogen. It’s all because the caffeine present in coffee has a negative impact on the glandular tissue, pretty much reducing it. One should not confuse the adipose tissue and the glandular tissue here.

More on the structure of breasts can be read in another of our posts here. It is the glands and their size, not fat, that are the main element that contributes to the breasts’ size.

Does drinking coffee really make breasts smaller ? My own experience

I have to admit that it was a shock to myself, as I am used to having 4-5 strong espressos a day. Plus my body was so used to it that I couldn’t imagine I could even function normally without coffee.

And yet… I decided to give it a try and I will briefly describe my experience with that, and it’s been almost half a year since I quit coffee completely.

The first days were a nightmare, awful headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration and aggravation. I have to admit that I had to take several painkiller pills a day just to function normally. I was aware, though, that the headaches were a result of the body getting used to a different pressure.

A normal one. Therefore, still having the piece of trivia in my head that drinking coffee makes breasts smaller, I carried on. After a week, all those symptoms were gone. Two weeks later I didn’t even crave coffee anymore.

Results after half a year of not drinking coffee

I no longer feel that morning numbness in my head that would normally only be gone after having a coffee. It is much much better now! And I could swear that now I feel really well-rested in the morning and then have a lot of energy throughout the day. I used to always feel sleepy around the noon already and I had to have another cup of coffee, then again in the afternoon and the evening. and how about the breasts? Does drinking coffee really make breasts smaller?

YES YES and once again YES! It wasn’t until after about 3 months when changes started to appear and at first I wasn’t sure about them, but now my bras can’t be lying. My breasts pretty much spill out of them. On top of that, my breasts are now very full and firm, like back when I was breastfeeding. The results are truly amazing. I can personally speak from experience that drinking coffee does make breasts smaller.

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