Ladies 6 Unusual Ways to Use Pads and Pantyliners in your life

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The first ever mention of sanitary pads dates back to 4th century CE. Nowadays, they can be found in almost every household. The material used for pads and pantyliners is designed to absorb and store liquid while keeping its outside layer dry and soft. That is why pads and panty liners can have many unusual, but very handy

Against corns

Most of us probably have at least one pair of shoes that look very cool and stylish but that constantly give us blisters or corns. Cut a few strips from a pantyliner and place them inside your shoes, in places where you experience the discomfort.

Shoe odor

When we sweat, we smell. Bacteria loves a warm and wet environment and grows like crazy in it, creating an awful smell. Use pads instead of the shoe insoles in your running shoes or work boots, to prevent unpleasant odors. Because of the sticky surface, the pads won’t slide and all the moisture will be absorbed

Uncomfortable bras

If you’ve ever been in a situation where the underwire breaks through the fabric of your bra, you will agree that it could drive anyone crazy. Use pantyliners for your bra if it has an uncomfortable and sharp underwire. Cut the pantyliner and wrap it around the underwire, soft side out

Make up and nail polish removal

Run out of cotton balls? No problem, pantyliners are the perfect material for removing makeup or nail polish. Cut a small piece from a pad and apply a few drops of makeup or nail polish remover, the pad’s material is very soft and safe to use on skin.

Sweat stains

Most of us have probably had to deal with this problem during the summer. To prevent sweat stains on your shirt, place pantyliners on the inside armpit area. They’re thin enough to be invisible and will absorb any moisture preventing you from getting those awful yellowish stains.


Pads and pantyliners are also very good to use as bandages if you have a bleeding cut or scratch. Place it soft side to the skin and keep it there until it stops bleeding. The pad will absorb the blood.

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