The secrets of Kim Kardashian For Fitness And Diet

“There is nothing easy  about being fit and healthy. I would never say: Eat what you want or do not exercise. It’s not real. To look and feel beautiful, I must watch the calories and exercise “- Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, one of the most popular stars whose face we see everywhere, it is not from the celebrity personalities who say that their body is a gift from nature. The  popular brunette repeatedly emphasized that beautiful body is a painstaking task that everyone needs to be put on the agenda.

Thanks to her unusual appearance, Kim is one of the most prominent women in the world. Her curves always attract eyes and mostly positive comments, because she is proud of them.


The favorite coach of Kim Kardashian, Gunner Peterson,  has created  her favorite fitness program. Kim recently revealed her plan for the fitness magazine “Shape”.

The 30-year-old star makes these exercises 2-3 times a week.  Kim makes exercises with medicine ball that weighs 5 kg and two small weights of 2-3 kg.

A– Stand straight and set the feet at the same width as your shoulders. Keep the ball close to the right ear, so that your elbows are bent.

B– Put your left leg forward and succumb while you take the ball to the outside of the ankle left foot. Return to the original position.

Repeat this exercise 6-15 times to the left, and then as many times to the right.

A– Stand up straight and spread your legs so the toes of the feet to be directed slightly “out”. Hold the ball in both hands in front of the chest. Squat low, so that you bring your buttocks as close to the floor, and at the same time move the ball to the floor and tap.

B– Straighten up and sub-interval the hands high above the head. When you look up you should see the ball – it should be slightly behind you.

Repeat this exercise 6-15 times.

A– Stand straight and set the feet at the same width as your shoulders. Hold the ball in front of the chest, so that your elbows will be directed aside.

B– Push the ball and start to rotate first to the left, then to the right.

Do 6-15 repetitions.

A– Stand in a position for push-ups and set the ball a few centimeters to the left shoulder. Set the left hand on the ball.

B– Make 6-10 push-ups. Then, place the ball under your right arm and make another run.

A– Sit on the floor and take the ball in your hands. Tilt backward and lift your feet off the floor. Keep your knees bent and your feet together. Place the ball in front of you.

B– Start turning the upper part of the body to the left and with your hands bring the ball up the floor. Then do the same on the right.

Repeat this exercise 6-15 times.

A– Take one weight in your hand and put your feet to the width of your shoulders. Kneel at an angle of 45 ° and move your elbows back so that the weight can be found next to your breast.

B– Imagine that you are in the center of the clock and your face is turned towards 12 o’clock. Go with your left leg to 7 pm and kneeling to your right leg. The left leg should be almost straight and the right knee is in line with the ankle. Return to the original position and then repeat the same on the other side.

Do 6-15 repetitions.

A– Take one weight in hand, stand straight and place your feet on the width of your shoulders. The hands need to be directed toward the body. Kneel so that the weights can be carried to the floor.

B– While uncurl, lift the weight toward your shoulders and bend your hands (palms need to be directed toward the body). Extend your arms forward, return them to your shoulders, then lower them down.

Repeat this exercise 6-15 times.


Kim eats a lot of small portions during one day – breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, evening snack – so that her metabolism can continuously operate accelerated.

This summer the coach of the Kardashians advises all enthusiastic people about weakening to choose at least one rule for feeding and adhere to it. That rule may be:

  • No food 3 hours before bedtime;
  • Last meal does not contain complex carbohydrates;
  • Protein at every meal;
  • Eating breakfast 30 minutes after waking;
  • Eating 30 minutes after exercise;
  • Fruit at least twice a day.


Inspiration for training: “On days when I need extra motivation, I think: Bikini, bikini, bikini.”

Sweet, self-esteem, cellulite: “Of course there are times when I feel insecure in myself. I wish I had not. But I love to eat! Especially sweets. I will say that I think my thighs are shattery and I have cellulite. When I put the time in practice, I get confident. I have to feel good to look good. “

Inspiration of the fameous: “As I grew up, I constantly watched skinny models that I could not get connected with. Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez have proven that you can be curvy and proud of it. “

The time for exercise, ” It’s the best feeling! When I see people in the fitness room that talk on the phone, I want to tell them: This is your time to be selfish. Take it! “

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