The key to a Long Marriage Is a Happy Woman

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US scientists found that family life is as good as a the woman is happy.

“I think it comes down to it that when a woman is in a happy marriage, it makes much more rightness of their spouse or common, and it reflects positively on his life – said Dr. Debra Carr from Rutgers University.”

  • Men are often silent even when they are unhappy  in marriage.

The research differs from previous topics covered since the feelings of men and women, to make it clear how they affect the happiness of others.

“For both partners the most successful marriage provides a greater sense of happiness and life satisfaction” – said Dr. Carr.

US scientists have discovered also that women are harassed by the diseases of men, but not vice versa.

The reason is that women are grzhat for husbands while if his wife became ill, she relies mainly on her daughter.

The study findings are important because the quality of marriage reflects the health condition and happiness of older people.

Originally posted 2017-05-19 19:10:11.

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