Incredible Hair Removal, You’ll Never Have to Wax or Shave Again!

The revolutionary new beauty hair removal that removes unwanted hair fast and efficiently. And it’s pain free! Just spray and simply wipe away and you’ve got silky smooth skin that lasts for up to six weeks

Bye bye, wax

You can even spray away ugly short stubble. Thanks to this incredible hair removal, you’ll never have to wax or shave again. It’s perfect for arms, underarms, chest, stomach, your bikini line, legs, and more! It’s enriched with ingredients such as aloe vera. That makes your skin smoother. Vitamin E, and that’s going to moisturize your skin, and orange extract to reverse the signs of aging.

More than a simple cream SprayAway™ is not your mother’s smelly, irritating depilatory cream but a clear, natural, vitamin enriched formula that dissolves the whole hair down to the root without any pain. Leaving your skin moisturized, hydrated, healthier and younger and hair free for up to six weeks!

So stay tuned, because we’re going to give you the chance to try SprayAway™ risk free in your home. It is the secret to never shaving, never waxing again, and having soft, smooth skin free of unwanted hair. This is SprayAway™, and it’s going to change the way that you think about removing hair forever.

Product Features

  • Remove hair in seconds and exfoliates
  • Pain free & irritation free
  • Stop shaving or waxing
  • For man & woman

How to use it?

  1. Hold the spray in 15 cm – 30cm distance from the body.
  2. Use the product only for the purpose it was designer for (hair removal).
  3. Shake well & squeeze the spray down direction of body hair growth.
  4. Keep the spray on the body 5-10 minutes, than use the wet towel to wipe off the remaining depilatory foam & hair.
  5. Immediately after removing the hair and completing the process, wash off the body.
  6. Use again if needed minimum 15-20 days after the last application.
  7. If any irritation or unusual effect of the body accure please stop using the item and read the instructions on the package.
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