$125 Fine 10k White Gold Three Stone Trellis Simulated Diamond Ring P Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $125 Fine 10k White Gold Three Stone Trellis Simulated Diamond Ring P Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Fine 10k 4 years warranty White Gold Three Stone P Ring Diamond Simulated Trellis Fine 10k 4 years warranty White Gold Three Stone P Ring Diamond Simulated Trellis Gold,Stone,10k,P,Diamond,Trellis,www.femalle.net,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Ring,Three,$125,/incrassation894312.html,White,Simulated,Fine Gold,Stone,10k,P,Diamond,Trellis,www.femalle.net,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Ring,Three,$125,/incrassation894312.html,White,Simulated,Fine

Fine Max 45% OFF 10k 4 years warranty White Gold Three Stone P Ring Diamond Simulated Trellis

Fine 10k White Gold Three Stone Trellis Simulated Diamond Ring P


Fine 10k White Gold Three Stone Trellis Simulated Diamond Ring P

Product description

Product Description

This pure 10k white gold ring is 6.5mm wide, and 6.3mm high, and the bottom is 2.2mm wide, which makes it very strong for timeless everyday wearing.

This ring is a best gift for women. It can be women's promise ring, engagement ring, anniversary ring, or wedding ring.

This ring is very comfortable to wear. And it is prongs set with 3 brilliant round simulated diamonds. The center stone is 6.5mm diameter as big as a one carat diamond. Two side stones are both 5mm diameter, same as a 0.50ct diamond. So this ring is same as a three stone diamond ring of 2.0ctw. But the actual total stone weight of this ring is 3.5ctw. The simulated diamonds are AAAAA quality, D color and flawless, reflecting the sparkle same as diamonds do, which is very nice and attractive, together to make the ring much more extraordinary.

The ring is all highly polished by very skilled goldsmith. Very nice and shiny!

And the ring comes with a very nice jewelry box.

There is nothing more personal and precious than a wedding ring.

It is the ultimate expression of the commitment and affection that stands between man and the woman he loves.

In line with this ancient tradition,our exquisite collection is sure to have the perfect one to solidify the start of your life together.

This gorgeous band - timeless instyle, is the quintessential depiction of true love. It is available for purchase in a variety of different widths and tones - each of which offer a host of advantageous properties - including the ability to withstand; rust,tarnish and corrosion.

So as you step foot into the endless world of rings, discover the difference with our expert assistance and support at every stage of your journey.

Box Contains

High quality luxury ring box

Fine 10k White Gold Three Stone Trellis Simulated Diamond Ring Promise Engagement ring 2.0ctw for Women

Fine 10k White Gold Three Stone Trellis Simulated Diamond Ring P


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