$18 PILOT MR Animal Collection Ballpoint Pen in Gift Box, Matte Plum Office Products Office School Supplies Gift,www.femalle.net,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Collection,Plum,Box,,Matte,Animal,$18,Pen,in,/incrassation702412.html,PILOT,Ballpoint,MR Gift,www.femalle.net,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Collection,Plum,Box,,Matte,Animal,$18,Pen,in,/incrassation702412.html,PILOT,Ballpoint,MR PILOT MR Animal Cheap SALE Start Collection Ballpoint Pen Matte in Plum Gift Box $18 PILOT MR Animal Collection Ballpoint Pen in Gift Box, Matte Plum Office Products Office School Supplies PILOT MR Animal Cheap SALE Start Collection Ballpoint Pen Matte in Plum Gift Box

PILOT MR Animal Cheap SALE Start Collection Ballpoint Pen Mail order Matte in Plum Gift Box

PILOT MR Animal Collection Ballpoint Pen in Gift Box, Matte Plum


PILOT MR Animal Collection Ballpoint Pen in Gift Box, Matte Plum

Product description

Extraordinary Pens For Everyday Use

Designed with writing performance and lasting quality in mind, Pilot MR writing instruments feature durable brass barrels, premium matte finishes, and polished accents that render pure sophistication. Pilot MR is available in two design families - the Metropolitan Collection and the Animal Collection. Each collection also features multiple writing instruments including fountain pens, gel rollers, ball points, and mechanical pencils. All Pilot MR writing instruments are refillable for continued use.

Pilot MR
Pilot MR is available in two styles, the Metropolitan Collection amp; the Animal Collection.
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Pilot MR
From a 100 year heritage of crafting the world's finest pens comes Pilot MR.
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Fountain Pen - Medium Nib

Designed precisely for those who appreciate an exceptional writing experience. From the point of the nib to the end of the barrel, Pilot Fountain pens are expertly crafted from premium materials for the utmost in writing performance, feel, and reliability. Use with the included pre-filled in cartridge or fill the converter with your favorite ink. Pilot recommends Iroshizuku Bottled Fountain Pen ink.

Gel Roller - Fine Point (0.7mm)

Combining Pilot's unique smooth-writing gel ink formula with an elegant refined look, Pilot MR gel roller pens take the pleasure of writing to the next level. Vibrant G2 gel ink glides across the page for a truly effortless writing experience. It's refillable for a continued use with Pilot G2 gel ink refills.

Ball Point Pen - Medium Point (1.0mm)

Quick Drying, Pilot's oil-based ball point ink writes effortlessly on contracts, documents, and checks without blotting or smearing. Pilot MR ball point pens make a lasting impression in a business environment or presented as a gift for a respected colleague or treasured friend. It's refillable for continued use with Pilot ball point pen refills.

Mechanical Pencil - 0.7mm Lead

Solid and sturdy in the hand, Pilot MR Animal Collection Mechanical Pencils elevate the experience of writing with a mechanical pencil. Featuring a reliable and dependable internal mechanism to securely advance strong and smooth 0.7 mm #2 HB lead. It's refillable with Pilot lead refills for continued use.

Pilot MR
Perfect for gift giving, Pilot MR arrives in a handsome magnetic-close gift box with black slip sleeve.
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Makes A Perfect Gift

Each Pilot MR Writing Instrument arrives packaged in an elegant black gift box perfect for presenting as a gift to respected colleagues, treasured friends, and loved ones. Known for quality that lasts and superior writing performance, feel confident giving Pilot MR Metropolitan and MR Animal Collected Writing Instruments for all your gift-giving needs.

From the manufacturer

Pilot MR fountain pens are an alternative to gel pens for calligraphy and drawing. Pilot MR fountain pens are an alternative to gel pens for calligraphy and drawing. Pilot MR fountain pens are an alternative to gel pens for calligraphy and drawing. Pilot MR fountain pens are an alternative to gel pens for calligraphy and drawing. Pilot MR fountain pens are an alternative to gel pens for calligraphy and drawing. Pilot MR fountain pens are an alternative to gel pens for calligraphy and drawing.
MR Metropolitan Classic Design Collection MR Retro Pop Collection MR Animal Collection Explorer Fountain Pens Varsity Prefilled Fountain Pens E95s Premium Fountain Pen
Fine amp; Medium Nib Fountain Pen Medium Nib Only
Fine Point (0.7mm) Gel Roller
Medium Point (1.0mm) Ball Point
Available Pen Barrel Colors Black, Burnished Silver and Champagne Gold Apple Green, Crimson, Marigold, Indigo, Charcoal Gray and Aquamarine White Tiger, Matte Silver with Python, Matte Blue with Leopard, and Matte Black with Crocodile Gray, Blue, Red, Pink, Lime amp; Turquoise Black, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Purple and Turquoise Black and Burgundy
Converter Adaptability Pilot Con-70 or IC-100 Pilot Con-70 or IC-100 Pilot Con-70 or IC-100 Pilot Con-40 or IC-100 Prefilled Pilot Con-40 or IC-100
Gift Box Included

PILOT MR Animal Collection Ballpoint Pen in Gift Box, Matte Plum


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