If You Have A Letter “M” Women On Your Palm This Is What It Means

The oldest sound is ‘M’ because it is the sound of mother, maa, mom which is an ancient sound in all cultures and the root of nurturing. Mother, memory and remembrance comes from the root of “Moon’ – so this gives a root foundation meaning of the Palmists M. That means one can be a healer, a helper or giving service of some kind.

The next layer on top of that base is from era’s of written language cultures,  the letter M is derived from the Phoenician word Mem, via the Greek Mu and its thought to represent water (the symbol of emotions). The Semitic people working in Egypt 2000 bce borrowed a hieroglyph for “water.” Symbolically then as a base root, the M is association mother (or nurturing) and water (emotional nurturing) either receiving or learning to give.

If the M is on the right hand

We would the giving of the nurturing aspect which healers or helpful people would have or if blocked and conflicted, not able to nurture. If the M is on the left hand, it signifies a need to learn to nurture the self from the inner nurturer.

If M is on both hands

Then balance must be found this lifetime of how to both give and receive love (nurturing and helping others selflessly). Karma is where this trait was abused and its not an easy task to learn to give.

In the mental teachings, M is the letter of Magic from the word “magh”: to be able, or to have power. From the Persian word “magu”: priestess or priest, one of the members of the learned, from O. Pers. Magush. In Sanskrit, its the word “mahas” means power; in Latin “magis” and German “mebr” meaning “more.”


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