If You Do This, It Means You’re a Good Parent

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Parenthood is not the hardest, but not the easiest thing to do as well…. However, we can mutually agree that it is the longest and never-ending job you’ll ever get, no days off, and a constant feeling you’ve missed something…

There is no “science of parenthood” and the “perfect parent” or “right parenthood” guide book. However, there are some basic things a good parent never lacks to do for their child.

Lessons instead of punishments 

A child is a sponge – what surrounds them, they copy it. Mostly, from their parents. Sometimes punishment is wrong because children are rarely capable to understand our actions the way we do as adults, and simply understand it as violence. Finding a way to make them realize they did wrong without a punishment is a sign of healthy and good parenting

Happy memories 

A happy child grows up into a healthy adult and a stable future parent. Creating a happy environment and happy places in their heads to go back to certainly will keep children back from depression and violent roads

Effort comes before results

If your kid wasn’t the best in class, or even did bad on last test, what matters is the effort they put into the assignment. School or life, never goes “Excellent” on us on daily bases. What matters is the effort to keep on trying and getting the best outcome of the situation.

Helping around the house

Ask your child to help you around the house even if you can manage to get the work done yourself. But never order them to. That’s how children would understand that work is an essential part of the everyday life, instead of something they should be pushed into.

Let your child be who he really is

Would you be comfortable to always play a certain role society needs you to play? Well, neither would your child. A healthy adult should always be ready to speak his mind, instead of saying or pretending to be something they copied out of a movie or a telenovela.

Parents should have their own life

Before you became a parent, you were someone’s child, someone’s wife or husband, a student, a worker, a boss, a teacher… having a child should never make you lose all these titles, but upgrade and become better in every field, because [parenting is the ultimate title and role a person could achieve to have. A child should enjoy a parent who enjoys life, instead of a parent who is always around.

A good parent makes a distinction between their children and their behavior

Love is a prior thing all parents feel ang give to their children, but a good parent needs to show other emotions as well, based on the behavior of their child. It is crucial to build a responsible adult who can control their own behavior.

Strong emotional connections and bonds in the family

A secure environment isn’t only locked doors and safe playgrounds. Mostly, it is the deep and strong connections between the closest people around the child. These individuals show better results in life and more empathy and kindness in the society than children who come from ruined or superficial families.

A child needs to be aware of their emotions

Being positive is a good thing, but being positive all the time and not let your child feel the negative energies won’t be a really good idea, because your child is going to experience the real world eventually. It’s important to understand both sides of life, and be able to teach your child how to cope with both kinds of emotions that are triggered inside.

Don’t push yourself to be the perfect parent

What comes naturally is the best option there is! Be yourself and you’ll do just fine.

Give your child enough free time

Success, a perfect homework, all A’s, ballet, soccer…. Your kid is not a robot, he is a kid and what is crucial at the time of childhood is playing.

Children learn social skills and achieve far greater results in every aspect of life if they actually learn some things by themselves, instead of being surrounded by successful teachers and tutors that push them towards some direction.

Show them love

You can’t spoil your child with loving him. But don’t mix up love with giving them every single material thing they want. Love and affection, hugs and loving eyes decrease the possibility of psychological and behavioral problems, as well as violent behavior later in the growth of the child. Expressing love teaches your child that he should as well treat other people with love and respect.

What are your thoughts on the subject of “good parenting”? would you let anyone advice you on how to raise your child? Have you ever advised anyone else about raising and treating their child in a certain situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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