How To Stop Your Yeast Infection For Good With Garlic

Garlic tea 

You can make a tea from raw garlic to treat a yeast infection. This tea is great in stopping the candida fungus from making your life miserable. To prepare this tea you need to slice the raw garlic cloves into smaller pieces and steep them in a cup of boiling water on the stove. For one cup of water, you can use about 4 to 5 cloves of garlic. Leave it boiling for a few minutes on the stove, and then remove it and let it sit at room temperature.

When the garlic is in the hot water, it will begin to release allicin and diallyl sulfides into the water and all you need to do is strain the garlic tea into a coffee cup and drink it slowly. You can consume it for two to three times daily for a couple of weeks.

To increase the good bacteria in your system to fight off your candida fungus you can add a little lemon juice to your tea because it has the acidic content. You can drop about four tablespoons of lemon into your garlic tea.

Raw garlic

Each time you chew the raw garlic your mouth will activate the health benefits. You can slice up a few garlic cloves and you can eat them just the way they are if you don’t mind the taste of garlic on your breath. But keep in mind that this is a highly effective way if you want your yeast infection gone.

Garlic suppository

You can try making a homemade vaginal suppository if you are suffering from a vaginal yeast infection and all you need are some raw garlic cloves and you can slice them into smaller pieces, and wrap them up tight in a gauze.

Then you need to tie the end of the gauze with a long string and place it into your vagina and you need to leave it there for half day. Your symptoms will disappear if you do this twice each day for two weeks. Anything can be bad for you, but don’t forget to eat a ton of garlic.

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