How to Stop Menstrual Cramps Fast Here’s What To Do

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If you’re looking for ways of how to stop period cramps fast without medicine, you’ll find answers here. Cramping during your period is never pleasant to go through .. and you need solutions as soon as possible.

Calcium Supplements

Calcium deficiency is common in our culture today. People have replaced milk with pop, carbonated beverages and coffee and by doing this, unintentionally lowered their calcium intake. We’re told that dairy products are bad when in reality it’s what is done to the cows that is bad; their milk was wholesome from the start. Adding a calcium supplement may help your cramps during your period.

Preferably the supplement should be balanced with magnesium and phosphorus and the ratio would be 500 mg calcium to 250 mg magnesium and 250 mg phosphorus. The magnesium and phosphorus help with calcium absorption in the body. Take one capsule when you have cramps. Look for benefits within a few hours.

Magnesium Supplements

Sometimes women are deficient in magnesium but not calcium. They may not eat enough green leafy vegetables but get enough almonds (low in magnesium but high in calcium) or may eat plenty of dairy products in their diet. 

If you’re taking a magnesium supplement, start with one that is 500 mg magnesium citrate or magnesium oxide if you want fast relief. Use 300-400 mg if you want relief at a slower pace. Don’t exceed more than 1000 mg magnesium a day as it can throw off the balance of electrolytes in the body.

Magnesium Chloride Topically

Magnesium chloride comes in a liquid form. It can be used topically over an area that is cramping or is painful. Simply pour a little in the palm of your hand and spread it directly on the skin. Relief is instant.

Rehydrate Your Body

Rehydrating your body takes time . up to several days without an IV. But you can still do it. Thus this strategy is really one to start midway through your cycle. The easiest way to start it is to drink a quart of water as soon as you get up in the morning. This may seem like a lot . but it’s only because it’s a new habit. 

Sodium and Potassium

Sometimes women are eating a low sodium diet and won’t touch a pinch of salt on their food. Couple this with adrenal stress and you have a recipe for period cramps. You always need sodium . and potassium for your adrenals and for proper nervous system function as well as muscle functioning. If you aren’t adding a pinch of salt to your food each day, you’re probably low. Potassium is highest in coconut water, so have an 8 to 16 ounce container of coconut water daily to beat the cramps.

Period Vitamin Your Period

Vitamin is the way that you can beat all types of PMS symptoms long term. Many women find that their symptoms start disappearing and by the third month, they have all receded. The period vitamin contains vitamins, minerals and herbs that support your body’s reproductive tract during the childbearing years. It’s an easy to take one a day formula.

You can see here from this info that it’s possible that minerals and water are what helps period cramps go away fast.

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