How to dispose of Sanitary Napkins Properly

You’ve used your current tampons, you’re done with your sanitary pads and now you’re in a dilemma; “Where should I throw these things away?”. “Oh, maybe I can just flush them down the toilet or just throw it in the trash.”No, No! Please, don’t ever do that. It’s one thing that there is enough of hygiene issues happening around you, it’s another when you further contribute to it.

Disposing of sanitary napkins can be a difficult job. Not only is there a lack of proper arrangements in public toilets but this is considered a taboo altogether, which is why most women refrain from discussing appropriate ways of disposal. But it is important to remember that the wrong disposal of sanitary napkins can be detrimental to the environment.

Never do it with Sanitary pad or tampon

Sanitary pad or tampon should never be flushed down the toilet because it may clog the drainage system and lead to flooding of the toilet.

Now let’s look at the larger picture. It is to be remembered that sanitary napkins contain plastic and other chemicals, along with cotton. The plastic content is non-biodegradable, and thus, these pads are not eco-friendly at all. These sanitary napkins, with 90% plastic content, stay there for 500-800 years.

How to put Pad in the Garbage basket

Remove the used pad from your underwear and roll it up. When you’re ready to change your pad, carefully remove it from your underwear. Roll the pad up tightly and neatly, starting from one end and working your way to the other.

Roll it up so that the soiled part is on the inside, and the adhesive part is on the outside. Rolling up your pad will make it easier to wrap and minimize the space it takes up in the garbage

After use, a disposable sanitary pad or a tampon should be wrapped in a news paper or waste paper and put in a garbage bin.

It is also necessary to dispose of the contents of the garbage bin promptly because if the sanitary pad or a tampon is left in the garbage bin for a long time, then the menstrual fluid on these disposed products may get contaminated with germs and emit a foul smell.


Never extend your use of a sanitary pad or a tampon beyond it’s suggested time. A tampon normally lasts for 4-8 hours and the usage for a sanitary pad lasts for about 4-5 hours.

Lastly, always and we mean ALWAYS wash your hands after handling these products. Again, your hygiene comes first.

If you use tampons instead of sanitary napkins, the methods of disposing them in a sterile manner are the same, and for the same reasons. Of course, if you’re worried that despite your efforts, the used sanitary napkins will still be harmful to the environment or the people dealing with them, then you can always shift to the reusable menstrual cups which last for ten years. But if, for the moment, you feel that sanitary napkins are your best option, then you must make sure to put your best efforts to discard them properly.

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