How Long Does Ovulation Pain Last?

Ovulation pain means the mid-cycle pain in women, or the so-called mittelschmerz since it happens right in their lower abdominal part. It’s mostly associated with the escape of an egg from an ovary. As it comes to everyone’s most concerned question “how long does ovulation pain last?”, you should know that this uncomfortable experience just varies from woman to woman, and it’s pretty normal to endure it for two days.

To answer this correctly, let’s discover more about the length of your ovulation pain from different angles. But before that, let’s find out more about this ‘middle’ and ‘pain’ that might come before or after the ovulation

What is ovulation pain?

Before digging into the most concerned inquiry “how long does ovulation pain last?”, You should know that ovulation pain isn’t comfortable at all. It’s easy to spot it right on one of your abs’ sides and within the time you’ve ovulated. People call it the ovulation pain, and if you pay attention to such body changes, it feels more facile to detect other signs of ovulation happening.

They’re known as the bloating, tender breasts, cervical mucus increase, white discharge, and cramps. Be careful about the ovulation cramping anyway, but IS IT NORMAL TO HAVE CRAMPS BEFORE PERIOD? Yes, it is, but you still can relieve them if you’ve known the right way to do it!

For white discharge, there’s a more sensitive sense of smell showing up in the half of their menstrual PERIOD. And guess what? Some women spend a hard time with white discharge throughout the cycle. If you have such an issue, find a way to deal with it by learning DISCHARGE BEFORE PERIOD AND ITS MESSAGE TO YOU.

In this post today, we’re going to explore closely at the “ovulation pain” and the best way you can use this handy information to help relieve yourself. Mittelschmerz (medical term of ovulation pain) only happens in one side, but it possibly switches to another one in the upcoming month, or simply stays on the similar side for months in one round.

And more surprisingly, not every woman would experience such a pain during the ovulation process. It’s proven that around one out of five other women would suffer this pain, and like what we thought, it can be relieved the most with Tylenol. Alright, now you can get a general idea of what the ovulation pain is, let’s move on to our most interesting part “how long does ovulation pain last?”

How long does ovulation pain last?

Are you now experiencing this sensation? It ranges from the dullest ache to the sharpest twinges that you’ve rarely had before. The pain is probably accompanied by ovulation spotting in case you don’t know. For spotting, note that if encountering a decline in your estrogen levels, about 1 out of other ten women is said to experience the ovulation spotting in her menstrual cycle.

Read more on HOW LONG DOES OVULATION spotting LAST?” if you want to know the length of time, you have to suffer such an uncomfortable incident. Besides, when the pain gets worse or more serious at some points of your cycle, don’t mind checking in with your health experts. How long does ovulation pain last? It’s stated to take place right by the time, or after your ovulation process in approximately 20% of women and often lasts within a few seconds.

However, regarding how long does ovulation pain last? Some studies show that this happening can take from minutes to many hours; well, who knows? It can even annoy you within 24 – 48 hours in a row! When you’re ovulating, the egg will burst through one follicle inside your ovary and then switch through the fallopian tube to reach your uterus. As you know, during this process, the tube starts to contract.

The annoying sensation you feel during this time is exactly the result of the egg that bursts through the follicle. After that, we can spot some minor cramping when the fallopian tube tries to contract and move the egg. A bit of this cramp after ovulation for 8 – 10 days can be seen as a signal that you get pregnant, and these hurtful feelings are the implantation cramps.

Find out more about HOW LONG DOES IMPLANTATION CRAMPING LAST AND THE HIDDEN SECRET to know what to do if you suffer these! Keep in mind that longer pain won’t often arrive from the ovulation itself at all, but indeed coming from your bleeding or endometriosis (it’s described as a painful experience in which the tissue lining the content of your uterus just grows out of the uterus).

The pain is caused by the stretching and enlargement of your ovary surface in the place of your follicle, or the blood leakage. Besides, it also occurs due to the enzymes dissolving completely the external wall of the ovary that circles your follicle to release the egg. So the ovaries are likely to swell and pain at the point, which is claimed to be associated with the ovarian expansion after ovulation.

You can rely on ultrasound to determine this precisely if you still suspect. Also, a few women will have one-sided irritation in the lower abs whenever they ovulate. How long does ovulation pain last in this case? Such an event occurs for 14 days before the PERIOD, but luckily, our post “HOW TO STOP YOUR PERIOD BEFORE AND AFTER IT COMES” will help you deal with such an obstacle

How long does cramp last before ovulation?

It’s possible to begin feeling your ovulation cramping one day right before you truly ovulate. And this pain you’re feeling before the happening would occur will be because of the egg growth in size. It’s the rise of the size that expands pressure on your follicles, so this kind of mid-cycle ache before your ovulation PERIOD.Another reason just comes from your hormonal changes you’re having this time.

How long does ovulation pain last after ovulation?

After the ovulation process has happened, the ache you’re going to feel after that would last around one day or two days. In addition to it, the entire process tends to lead to the pain that lasts about two days as a whole. There are also some other cases where your painful feeling could move on for a much longer PERIOD after the ovulation ends.

And if this is your current case, the pain might arrive from something else. Therefore, the best solution is to meet a doctor for further assistance.

Most common symptoms of ovulation pain

To remind you of the top issue “how long does ovulation pain last?”, we’d like to show you how that painful experience can be understood in different forms:

  • Pain or ache in the lower ab, inside your hip bone.
  • Pain happens around two weeks before the due date of your menstrual PERIOD.
  • Pain can be felt on your left or right side, based on which ovary lets an egg escape from it.
  • Pain possibly moves from one side the another, from one cycle to the next, or keeps staying on one side only for some more cycles.
  • Pain sensation is different among women – for instance, it can feel like an irritating pressure, sharp aches, or annoying cramps.
  • How long does ovulation pain last? Its duration ranges just everywhere from minutes to two days

There will be no certain test going on to help you determine whether a woman experiences ovulation pain or not. It’s mainly the doctor’s diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that he just wants to make sure that none of the medical issues show up.

The whole diagnosis process would be confirmed well in case the test outcomes appear normal. Your doctor might ask you to have a diary and take note of your menstrual periods because doing so will decide if your pain truly happens at mid-cycle or not


Having painful ovulation is not an easy experience, so everyone desires to know “how long does ovulation pain last?” so that they can put their worries aside soon.

Our post today will answer your most concerned issue about this mid-cycle pain. It’s obviously a sign of ovulation, but we hope that you might get some good ideas how to take good care of your body to relieve the pain, and never leaves it untreated, or the situation can get worse.

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