7 Home Remedies for sunburnt

When thinking about a summer vacation, sun burns for days spent at a swimming pool or on a beach, one detail constantly breaks our image all the time – the bad burns that we all survived and who for a moment managed to destroy our day

Sunburns not only look very bad, but are also serious for the health of the skin. Symptoms like severe headache, fever and pain from the burned place are terrible.

Fortunately there are many home remedies that can relieve pain and speed up the process of skin healing:

Take a shower with cold water

This is one of the most obvious solutions to how to reduce the pain of sunburn. The first instinct always tells us to cool down in the shower. Just be careful when drying with a cloth to be careful and gentle.

Get rid of black tea

There is nothing that can not be cured with a good cup of tea. But now instead of a cup fill the tub with black tea. When you prepare the bath, relax in the tea mix and the situation with your skin will instantly improve.

A little honey

Honey is an excellent remedy that can be applied to small surfaces of sunburned skin. Honey is rich in proteins and healthy enzymes that treat skin and reduce inflammation.

Oat bath

Well cut oats function best, but if you have any oats, just put it in a blender and sprinkle with a mixture in a bath with lukewarm water. The bath in this mixture will help you much more than eating oat breakfast porridge.

Coatings from milk

Similar to how good it is to drink a glass of milk when you eat widespread food, also milk is good for burning skin. Because it is rich in fat and protein, put coat in cow’s milk and inflammation and skin temperature will immediately decrease.

Cucumber paste

Although it sounds bad, dermatologists recommend this medicine from vegetables. In a blender combine cooled cucumbers, a little corn flour and aloe vera gel. Massage the inflamed area and cure burns for the shortest possible time.


Save yogurt from breakfast for your burns. The yogurt is full of stimulating probiotics that will regenerate the skin. Place a thin layer of burns, leave it to stand for 10 minutes and wipe it carefully with a wet cloth.

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