Here’s Why Invisible Braces Are Better Than Traditional Braces

Dental hygiene is crucial for our health. Teeth alignment has also become an issue for most people. Therefore, people have to opt-in for braces so that their teeth are correctly aligned. Getting your braces is a significant lifestyle change.

Therefore, it is essential to reconsider your choices before you decide on what kind of braces you should get. The two most commonly used type of braces available in the market is Metallic braces and Invisible braces.

The dentist invisible braces are increasingly becoming popular because of the features it comes with. They are replacing metallic braces all around the globe. Let’s know more about these braces so that you can make an informed decision.

Teeth Braces

Traditional braces are made of metals. These are attached to the surface of your teeth. These metallic braces come with metallic brackets, wires, and dental rubber bands. These are fixed to your teeth to help in the teeth alignment treatment. You can contact your dentist. They will help you out with the entire process.

Different options are now available in the market. These options include braces made from ceramic, behind the teeth braces, etc. Invisible braces are the most popular kind among all the newly developed varieties of braces.

Advantages of Metallic Braces

These braces are being used since the inception of dental braces. Though traditional, these braces do come with great utility. Some of the advantages of these braces are:

1. Suitable for all teeth alignment treatments

These braces work even in complex cases of teeth alignment. Some people have multiple dental issues. They prefer these braces over other kinds. They make use of arc wires and anchors. These structures pull the teeth back to their original place. They are considered to be quite useful in terms of pushing the teeth back to the initial or desired position.

2. Options to choose from

Traditionally, these braces were made out of stainless steel. New varieties have come into the picture in recent times. Lingual and ceramic braces are also metallic, but they give a more natural look to your teeth.

3. Faster Treatment

As you cannot remove these metallic braces yourself, they are always stuck to your teeth. This makes the treatment faster and more effective. The speed of the treatment also depends on how good your dentist is.

Disadvantages of Metallic Braces Metallic braces are traditional.

They are effective. However, they do not have answers to modern problems.

1. Aesthetics

The look and feel of metallic braces are not entirely pleasant. A lot of people feel conscious of their metallic braces.

2. Brushing

Brushing your teeth becomes a significant problem in the case of metallic braces. The major surface of your teeth gets hidden by the metallic brackets. Therefore, only a little surface is left, which is accessible for people to brush. With metallic braces, tooth decays can become a problem.

Brushing and flossing are quite impossible while you have your braces on. People will have to contact their dentist and understand how to take care of their teeth with metallic braces.

3. Frequent visits to the dentist

If you choose to opt for metallic braces, you will have to visit your dentist quite frequently. Dentists have to keep checking your progress. The changes have to be made in the shape of the braces according to the changes in the teeth alignment during the treatment process.

4. Food restrictions

You will have to be conscious of things you drink or eat when you have your metallic braces on. Sticky food can create a problem. Food with hard texture can lead to the breakage of the arc wires.

Advantages of Invisible Braces

1. Aesthetics

These braces are almost invisible. Therefore, your natural teeth are visible. You will not have to go through significant lifestyle changes if you opt for invisible braces. Also, you can carry along that bright smile of yours. These braces will not make you conscious. You can easily smile in your pictures without the fear of being judged.

2. Removable

You can easily remove your invisible braces while eating. You can also remove them while playing for your comfort. The easy removal process makes it the best option for teeth alignment treatment.

3. Brushing

Brushing and flossing your teeth is not a problem when you opt for invisible braces. You can remove the braces and brush your teeth like a regular day. You can also continue with your home teeth whitening remedies. After proper brushing and flossing your teeth, you can put back your invisible braces. These braces make the whole process hassle-free.

4. Very few dentist visits required

The dentist’s main work is to prep your teeth before you start using invisible braces. The retainers are made according to the shape of your teeth. You can easily manage these braces if you follow the instructions given by your dentist.

5. Comfort

These braces are very comfortable. Unlike metallic braces, these feel very light on your jaw. With invisible braces, your gums are not affected.

Disadvantages of Invisible Braces

There are few disadvantages of invisible braces too:

1. Discipline required

Some people tend to remove the invisible braces and do not put them back for days. Such behavior disrupts the treatment. Therefore, it is imperative to stick to the guidelines prescribed by your doctor.

2. Cost

These braces are a little more expensive than traditional braces. Due to the use of flexible materials, these braces become a little pricey. However, these braces come with high utility and are worth the price.

3. Inconvenient at times

Taking your braces out and putting them back in can be a little inconvenient at times. Also, people sometimes tend to lose them in the process. Therefore be careful while using them.

Making the Right Choice

Both of these braces are unique in different aspects. The choice would depend upon the condition of your teeth. However, when it comes to utility, invisible braces are a clear choice.

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