Here’s What People Are Saying About What The Length Of Your Toes Reveals About Your Personality.

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To determine our personality and the dominant traits of our character, everything is allowed. We analyze our date of birth, preferences for colors and sleeping positions, the shape of our face and eyes, and so on. But what we probably do not know is that even our toes have a say in our personality. Let’s discover together what they can reveal

Who would have thought that her toes could give any information about her traits? Indeed, the morphology of each toe, and especially its length, allows to give information about your personality and your way of acting on a daily basis. For more details, here is what the length of your toes says of you

What the length of your toes reveals on seen:

1 – The big toe:

If your big toe is longer than the other toes, this means that you are a person who shows a lot of creativity and concentration when you have to accomplish a given task, and you are able to find several ways to achieve it .

If, on the contrary, your toe is the shortest, this shows that you are multitasking and that you can easily realize more than one thing at a time, while at the same time succeeding them all. You only have to concentrate on one project.

2 – The second toe:

This toe provides information on how you handle everyday situations. If it is the longest of your toes, you are peremptory and sometimes even aggressive in certain situations.

If it is short, you are more of the calm and passive type, who prefers to avoid conflicts and make sure never to provoke them or start them. You are not the kind of people who either speed things up or force them, but rather wait patiently and patiently for them to happen on their own.

3 – The third toe:

This toe is rather related to your professional life. If it is long, you are a person brimming with energy and enthusiasm and positivity are felt in your professional space.

Your love for your work makes you happy, which pushes you to surpass yourself and always provide more effort to succeed. On the other hand, if your third toe is short, you are a person who prefers to enjoy life outside the confined space of the office. For you, your work is an obstacle that prevents you from fully living your life.

4 – The fourth toe:

With this fourth toe, it is more about family and friendship. If it is long, you are someone very attached to the people who surround it and your relations with them are deep and very solid.

You consider that whatever happens to them also concerns you and you can not bear that something bad can happen to them. If it is short, it means that you take things a little more lightly, and human relationships are less important to you. You give more importance to your life and the way of living it, than to the people who are part of it.

5 – The little toe:

Just like its size in relation to other toes, the small toe represents the inner child that is in you. If it is long, you are a very serious person who appreciates rules, loyalty and predictability.

You do not like to be surprised by unexpected events that may upset your calm day. If, on the contrary, your little toe is short, it is a sign that you are a person who keeps in it a childish character. You are a laughing and playful person who can sometimes be tempted by small adventures.


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