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Since 1965, Tent 47 has worked tirelessly to provide help and hope to children who have special needs in British Columbia. In 2013, we made a big difference in the life of a little boy named Nathan. Born seven weeks premature, Nathan’s lungs were not fully developed and he sustained a brain injury. He was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and needed help developing his core strength so that he could sit upright and swallow without choking. Variety provided funding for a special seating system which helped Nathan develop his torso muscles. He can now eat independently and manoeuvre his wheelchair all by himself. And, thanks to early intervention with physiotherapy and occupational therapy at a local Child Development Centre, which also received funding from Variety, doctors are hopeful that two-year-old Nathan may one day recover the full use of his body.


Nathan’s mom Robyn says that the entire family is grateful for Variety’s support, and had these words to say in thanks: “The truly amazing thing about Variety is the donors who gave selflessly and generously out of the goodness of their hearts. It’s people like that who change lives every day. They changed our life forever and we will never forget it.”

Changing lives, saving lives and enriching lives is what Tent 47 will continue to do every day for children in British Columbia.

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